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happymommy - December 27

I have been ttc for 20 months now. I finally got a bfp. Over the holidays I drank 2 glasses of wine on Christmas Eve. Did I do damage to my baby? I am a health nut. I've been taking prenatal vitamines for 2 years and expectra supplement for the past year, in hopes I will become pg. The one month I was not counting on anything to happen it did. And now I'm afraid I have hurt my baby.


randi - December 27

the same thing had happen to me i tried for about 6 months i did a test a day before my period was supose to start not pregnant i drank beer and got drunk three days in a row well turns out i was pregnant im now 30 weeks amnd baby is fine i recently had kidney stones and doctor game me morphene and loratabs for pain because the paid was non stop i even stayed in the hospitial for 4 days they said as long as you dont take it constintly for weeks no damage to baby after all that my baby is still perfect. two gla__ses of wine will not hurt. congradulations on the pregnancy


happymommy - December 27

Thanks randi. I normally do not drink and have never smoked or taken drugs so this concerned me. You put my mind at ease. Lots of baby dust for your bun in the oven.


Been There - December 27

You can relax. With my first, I did worse than that. I had loads of vodka and beer. I was tore up the same day my AF was due. I wasn't TTC, but it happened. When I told my doctor, she didn't even blink and never said a word because I knew better than to continue with it once I found out. What's really harmful is continuing to do so during the pregnancy. You should see my healthy and very intelligent 12 year-old. She's taller than I am. Your baby will be just fine. Congratulations!


kellie - December 27

HappyMommy, you have nothing to worry about. Two gla__ses of wine ONE TIME will not cause harm to your baby. Congratulations on your BFP!!!


Lisa - December 27

Two gla__ses of wine will do absolutely nothing to hard your baby, esp. at this early stage. Lots of women get pregnant while drinking and continue to drink as they do not yet know they are pregnant (me for example). I'm 30 weeks along and I get monthly ultrasounds and check-up's, my baby is doing excellent. I also have a couple gla__ses of red wine per week (small gla__ses) as well and there is no harm in that.


me - December 28

Thank you everyone for making me feel much better. I know how I am (a natural born worrier). I will not be even touching the stuff or even soda until I am finished nursing. I'm planning on nursing for a full year. Anyone here choosing to use the natural food source for your bundle on the way?


jane - December 28

happymommy- My doc actually tells his patients that an occasional gla__s of wine while pregnant is not harmful at all. He says DO NOT take that as a OK to drink multiple drinks throughout pregnancy, but small amt's are NOT harmful. My best friend traveled over to England/France area, and told me that is very common for pregnant women to drink a gla__s of red wine while pregnant........they think its beneficial. I really would not worry if I was you.



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