Oh So Sick

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Krissiem23 - July 5

I have been so sick and exhausted. As soon as I wake up I want to throw up - and today I actually did! It hurt so bad because I hadn't eaten anything! I am having a hard time bringing anything to my mouth! I am 6 weeks today, and I didn't expect it to be this bad! It's so hard for me to stay at work! Maybe I am having twins! I knew that I was pregnant LITERALLY the day after conception, I got pregnant 2 weeks after going off of my pills, and took prenatal pills before I got pregnant. I have lost 7 pounds, due to the sickness. I would love boy/girl twins! They don't run on either side the families though. What do you guys think my odds are?


trinadan - July 5

i understand where you are coming from.. i have been so sick also... it started at exactly 6 weeks and i will be 10 weeks tomorrow and its stong as ever.... its torure so days coming into work.. i thought i was having twins also becuase they do run in my family,, my mother is a twin and so is my father..but nope.. just one little one... i throw up occasionaly but not everyday... i just cant wait for it to go away, so i can enjoy my pregnancy.... hopefully we will feel better around the second trimester.. good luck !!!!!


mandie - July 5

Good luck to both of you. I was very sick at about 6 1/2 weeks until about 14 weeks. It DOES get better, and will eventually be all just a memory. Try Papaya tablets. I didn't, but that's because I didn't hear about it until after I was feeling better. A friend of mine used them and said they worked for her. Try an herb store, they may have something. Also, sour candies can sometimes help. Good luck.


MyFirst - July 5

It will be over soon. It doesn't feel like it now but trust me. I was so sick from about 6 weeks until 13. I wound up losing 18lbs and was in the hospital once. There are herbal cures none of which helped me that much but your OB/GYN does have a couple things she can perscribe. if this continues a couple more weeks and you lose more weight call and get something. I was against taking anything but it needed to stop for the babies health. I am now 27 weeks and everything is perfectly on track.


clare - July 5

hey guys i was really bad with sickness when i was in first tri i found ginger biscuits to really help its not nice having to face them before you get outta bed but trust me they stopped me being sick. one bad point is im now 32 weeks and sickness has come back i get worried that i could be hurting my baby because sometimes its really violent when i havent eaten, oh well id better buy some more biccys anyway lol take care and good luck xxx


Krissiem23 - July 6

BUMP...Still sick, not as bad as yesterday but it does feel quite icky. I can't even find out if its twins until like the 2/3 week in August! Doesn't that stink?Keep me in prayer though - I would love boy/girl twins! I'm still wondering what my odds of having them are!


frankschick2001 - July 6

My grandfather was a twin and I had the worst morning sickness ever. I thought maybe I was having twins too. But I'm not. I am now almost 16 weeks and the sickness has faded a lot. I do not feel 100% well yet, but definitely a lot better. I wish I could tell you it will go away soon, but it sounds like you are in for morning sickness for at least the next few weeks. I thought mine would never end. I know, it is just the worst feeling. I never imagined it so awful. I would throw up sometimes, but most of the time all that would come up was saliva. But the heaving and gagging were physically painful, as painful as actually throwing up. I had to take time off work, at one point I couldn't even get out of bed. But you are on the road now, and there is no turning back, so you have to try and find tings that work for you to find relief. For me, watermelon made me feel good. Oranges too. Anything that made me feel refreshed helped. Ginger made it worse for me, I hated it. I don;t think I could ever look at another saltine cracker as long as I live. I kept fans on a lot because smells of virtually everything bothered me. So the fans kept the fresh air moving. Root beer helped. Ginger ale didn't. Sea Band bracelets and preggie pops did not work for me either. You just have to try different things. Ice pops helped as well as tootsie roll pops and charms b__w pops. I also lost weight. About 12 pounds. Sleep as much as you are able to. Sleep was a great escape for me! Also, the biggest thing was do NOT let your stomach go empty!!!!


Krissiem23 - July 10

Guys, I am not getting better - I think I might even have to leave work early today. I just keep running for the bathroom, but I don't actually throw up. My dh is in another country with the military so I have no support! Please help!


trinadan - July 11

i know it sucks,,, im in the same boat as you,, im almost 11 weeks and i've been like this from exatly 6 weeks,, but it will go away,, we just have to be patient.. hopefully it goes away around the 2nd trimester, i know it seems so far away, but it will be here faster than you think... i actually called my doctor and got a prescription because it was so bad,, somedays it works and some days it doesn't.... i just try to stay positive and think of what i get in the end.. and try to rest as much as possible,, i lay down soon as i get home and that helps.. god luck, call your dr. , maybe they can give you something



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