Oh The Pain

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Lindsay - October 24

i know that back pain is normal in pregnancy but i still have 7 weeks to go and it is getting worse and worse. I have tried warm baths, heating pads, laying different ways...there has to be something i can do...can anyone offer some helpful hints...PLEASE?!?!


Janice - October 25

I have the same problem...some days its worse than others but I sure do feel your pain! Mine seems worse when I am up and around all day, try and not carry anything heavy or bend down a lot. When it gets really bad for me I have my boyfriend rub my lower back gently and it seems to help at the time...Hang in there we are almost there Im 34 weeks and very exited


hi - October 25

i found that laying down with a pillow in between my legs would help a bit with my lower back.and giving birth,lol.thankfully you don't have long to go.:)


J - October 25

I don't think there is anything you can do, I have the same problem and I have tried everything and it just gets worse. I wish I knew of something b/c it is so painful that it's hard to breath sometimes and I still have 6 weeks to go. But we don't have much longer and it will be over with.


Lindsay - October 25

Thanks ladies...its nice to know i'm not the only one suffering. someone told me something about a tennis ball?i dont know lol. i know i dont have long to go but it seems like these last few weeks are taking forever!!! well good luck and hopefully we will get some helpful hints along the way.


kris A. - October 25

Hi Lindsay, the tennis ball is great for putting against the small of your back and then leaning back against a chair - it is counter-pressure and eases pain. Not real effective for sleeping, mostly for driving. I agree with Janice - my most effective relief is to have hubby rub back and legs to calm them down a bit. I am 36 weeks and a few days and counting down...



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