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Heavenly - April 19

Today I looked at my belly...........and no change in the belly button. I have an inney. I went back an hour later and my belly button was gone! Weird!


Alison - April 20

That's weird when that happens huh? Welcome to pregnancy :o)


Jamie - April 20

Do you have the brown crayon line yet? Mine's getting really dark...lol


Heavenly - April 20

Yes Jamie, I do have that crayon mark. My husband says that it is a b___t crack and my belly b___ton looks like a b___t hole.


Karen - April 20

I have an inward belly b___ton and last night I notice that it is pushing forward and I can actually see it (Which I could not before) Joys of pregnancy. HAHA


KEEKEE - April 20

Welcome to the world of pregnancy!!!!!.... I have a inney to. Everytime I get pregnant(twice) my belly b___ton disappear. Along with my feet, well hell the bottom half of me.The dark line very very noticable from week 6 or 7........I'm not a skinny mini, so I get huge when pregnant. It always look like I'm carrying twins. I can't when see what color shoes I put on......Heavenly, you are so funny. Everything I read your threads, I cant stop laughing.....Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!! Pregnancy goes so fast. Make sure you milk the pregnancy as long as you can. Keep your husband on his toes.........Holla


Foxy - April 20

Ooh! I've been wondering when that'll happen to me and if it happens gradually or just pops out all of a sudden. It's very interesting. I'm still an inney, so far.


Heavenly - April 20

Thank you KEEKEE (I am always happy to make someone smile or laugh) and congrats to you :o) This pregnancy is soooo weird! I love to know that I have a little baby in my belly but I sometimes can't bare to look at my stomach. At times I notice that one whole side of my stomach goes completely flat and the other has a big moving bulge. I am having an alien. I try to read a book while resting the book on my belly....all of a sudden the baby will kick the book. It freaks me out so bad that I can't concentrate.


KEEKEE - April 20

Thanks Heavenly, I'm normally posting at pregnancy signs. I have heard of another Keekee, who just had a baby. I'm not her. I will not find out if I'm pregnant until Monday.........That is what I went though my last 2 pregnancies. It is funny how your body is no longer your body. Your body now belongs to someone else(baby).....I have been reading some of your posts, boy, there is so mean people here. Keep your head up and stay true to yourself. You are so funny!!!!! Baby Dust!!!! I've Holla at you later!!! Peace



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