Ok Ladies I Need Help Im Going Crazy

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bbe_cakes - March 15

i am currently 4 days late on my period, and going crazy. my periods are ALWAYS on time never late always heavy i get cramps a day b4 my period always. iv had NO period cramps. my nippys are verry tender..not so bad today but still tender.... slight abomen c__ping left and right side and right above my va___al area....twingy feelings in my abdomen...pain in my bellybutton wich doesnt feel verrry nice...im moody...nauscious (sp) at times...hungry..headaches...feeling warmer like i have a feever kinda??? im exhausted...i had a hard time sleeping lastnight i was just uncomfortable...oh and lastnight would be around 15 dpo? and when i went to the restroom at 3 am and pee'd i whiped and there was a tiny line on the tp verry faint pink...iv been expecting my period for 4 days now so i inspect it ofcourse lol and i was like ok...theres a tiny tiny line of pink....and i whiped one more time and again verry faint pink little spot(line) i had too look closeish to see it....i was expecting a bloody mess when i woke up this morning....but NOTHING iv went to the restroom several times to check again and no pink no blood NOTHING....so i took a HPT and i got a BFN....though i had had the test for a month and a half maybe was it too old? or too early bc if it was imp. bleeding it was like 15dpo so would that make it too early to accurately test? was it imp. bleeding???... i have no period still...im so confused girls am i just crazy or what? lol share what you think with me no rude coments please i am just unsure.


firerose78 - March 21

so where are you at now? Should be 21dpo?


MommaSquish - March 22

You should try a digital test. I took one when I was only 3(ish) weeks pregnant and it came out positive. I took three EPT brand digital tests actually lol They work more effectively if you take them in the morning as well. The little spot of blood could have been the beginning of your period or what's called an implant bleed (which I had and yes that's a little scary sounding but it's a rare but possible sign of pregnancy) I would buy a multi pack of test, like I said the digital kind because it's easier to read, and follow the directions to a T. EPT seems to be a pretty reliable brand and they're sensitive. If you get negative results and you're still nervous, see your doctor and ask about a blood test.



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