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babyonboard16 - February 13

Okay I smoke cigarettes and am currently cutting down, but I was wondering if I don't quit, can they take my baby away for smoking cigarettes? That's all I do, I don't do any drugs.Because I know they can find traces of nicotine in blood streams...


babyonboard16 - February 13

Yes I know I sound like an idiot.


sahmof3 - February 13

No. They can't take a baby away for that. Good for you for cutting back. You could talk to yor OB and see what they recommend for quitting completely.


babyonboard16 - February 13

I have my docs not too supportive, thanks for letting me know, I was really nervous, I know I must have sounded really dumb haha.


Melissa30 - February 13

I have smoked with all my pregnancies. I cut back to less than 5 a day but no they absolutely can NOT take your baby away for somking cigarettes. I mean think about how many babies would be placed in the system on a daily basis if they did do that just for cigarettes. Don't worry.


Melissa30 - February 13

P.S. Don't feel stupid or dumb for asking a question that really concerns you. The only way to know for sure an answer is to ask a question. You didn't sound like an idiot, just a concerned mother.


Bridget - February 13

It's good you are trying to quit. Please try to get off them altogether, they can make your baby smaller than it should be because it constricts the blood vessels in your body including the umbilical cord, so your baby won't be getting as much nutrition as it should. And after it's born if anything should happen (like he gets a rash or a cold or whatnot) you will be riddled with guilt and wonder if the cigarettes caused it. I'm not judging you just trying to help. I know it's hard as heck.


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

i know its hard to quit smoking I did it with my first two pregnancies and again with my 4th! Good for you cutting back and try to quit all together if you can, I know its tough, but babies are expensive and I was so happy to have the extra income from me not smoking i can spend on my baby. Also the health problems linked to smoking isnt good. I am a huge supporter of people trying to quit smoking even cut back I dont mean to preach its just i think of my neice who has alot of lung related problems because my sister smoked. Take care


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

OMG suze I said the canadian governement was thinking about implementing those laws. Also smoking during pregnancy is bad as well and the effects can be hard but I thikn drinking during pregnancy is way worse. I was just voicing my personal opinion and also the facts that I know them, you on the other hand seem to be vandictive because I told you how I felt about your drinking during pregnancy. I have had it and I want you to know you didnt say sips at first you said you had gla__ses of wine and I feel so strongly about that and I did stand up and say something. I didnt bite your head off for standing up for what you believe in, that is its ok to drink any amount during pregnancy. I say hey thats how you feel voice your opinion but its when you name call and call me a blankety blank and begin hostilities I get mad. It is uncalled for and I hate to say it when you post on her you will be scrutinized and you have to take it in stride. Obviously you cant handle that and your immaturity is shinning through and I want you to know. Also I find smoking is an addiction and woman who are alcaholics should seek help immediatly for there problem and it is hard to jusdge them but when your pregnant and not an alcaholic and make the choice to drink thats a big no no and I ask you to respect my opinion as i did yours and to stop being childish. thank you.


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

Also Suze with my frist 2 pregnancies I smoked BEFORE I found out I was pregnant and the minute I did I QUIT!!! So there is no pot meeting kettle just me meeting wench.


Melissa32179 - February 15

WOW Down...you post this long message about respecting a persons opinion and said Suze should not call names and then you knock on her for not only HER opinion on drinking but also on smoking and THEN you call HER a name. Huh...looks like someone should take their own advice. Just my "opinion"


suze42 - February 15

<rolling eyes> No , Down you did not just say the Govmt was thinking about implementing those rules...YOU said...people that drink ANY amount should have thier babies stools checked and if there is any amount the children taken away by the government. Go back and read it as you seem to have forgotten conveniently the total content and offensiveness of your posts. Oh wait you CANT go back and read it b/c it was removed by the website for "poor taste" Enough said.


sarahbaby11 - February 15

my sister in law smoked her whole pregnancy. thought about quitting and taalked to her doctor. he said quitting after too long could cause a miscarriage.


squished - February 15

First..babyonboard...good job by trying to quit smoking. It's by far the most benficial to your baby. Second....sarah...I highly doubt that your SIL's doc told her to go ahead and keep smoking b/c if she quit it could cause a miscarriage. No way that an educated and licensed medical doctor would say that.


Melissa32179 - February 16

Squished: I am actually going to have to back Sarahbaby up on this one. My sister was a pack if not more a day smoker and when she first found out she was prego...she tried to quit cold turkey. Within 12 hours of not having an smoke she started bleeding. Her Doc saw her right away...after asking numerous questions came to the decision that her body was in shock and that she SHOULD continue to smoke. She was put on what we called at the time a "smoking diet" where she went from a pack a day for a week...to half a pack a day for a couple of weeks...to 7 a day for a couple of weeks...and so on. by the time she was 6 months she had stopped. But anyway to make a long story short...yes her doctor did tell her NOT to quit (cold turkey)


Melissa32179 - February 16

Either way smoking is not good when you are prego. It took me a good eight to ten weeks to quit the whole time cutting back more and more. One day it just did not settle with me and I puked so that was it. No more smoking for me. I just hope I can keep up with it AFTER the baby is born.


suze42 - February 16

I quit 6 yrs ago...after 15+ years of smoking. It was so wierd, once I made up my mind, I did it cold turkey and had no problems at all. I only craved them when I went to a bar, but I had just gotten married so I wasnt going out w/friends much..which was probably good timing. I only snuck a few times when I did go out, but by the time I got pg w/my Ds I didnt even crave them anymore. Its so funny, Ive tired to smoke since..(stupid huh) when out w/friends and I cant even inhale anymore...its like the first time in Jr. high. I have to say I am very glad its part of the past...thought I did enjoy the heck out of it. I personally wouldnt smoke while pg ever...because it thins the blood and really can mess w/baby's immunities..that scares me. But I dont judge anyone whos trying...you do your best! We all do as moms! And from what I can tell we all care like crazy...no one is carelessly overindulging in illicit drugs or booze. Can you imagine Anna Nichole may have done metadone while pg? I sure hope thats not true!



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