Okay Have A Question Do Not Bite My Head Off

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suze42 - February 16

I quit 6 yrs ago...after 15+ years of smoking. It was so wierd, once I made up my mind, I did it cold turkey and had no problems at all. I only craved them when I went to a bar, but I had just gotten married so I wasnt going out w/friends much..which was probably good timing. I only snuck a few times when I did go out, but by the time I got pg w/my Ds I didnt even crave them anymore. Its so funny, Ive tired to smoke since..(stupid huh) when out w/friends and I cant even inhale anymore...its like the first time in Jr. high. I have to say I am very glad its part of the past...thought I did enjoy the heck out of it. I personally wouldnt smoke while pg ever...because it thins the blood and really can mess w/baby's immunities..that scares me. But I dont judge anyone whos trying...you do your best! We all do as moms! And from what I can tell we all care like crazy...no one is carelessly overindulging in illicit drugs or booze. Can you imagine Anna Nichole may have done metadone while pg? I sure hope thats not true!


s_xy_n_sweet - February 16

No they cannot take your baby away. No one is capable of doing that but yourself, and the doctor only if you give them permission to, like an abortion. Although, I hope you know the risks of smoking when pregnant, and the chances of the baby being born with defects. Just remember, the first step to being a mom is putting the baby as first priority before anything else. So if you think of that all the time, you'll quit smoking in no time!


preggoplease - February 16

squished- Yes doctors do tell you to KEEP smoking if you smoke alot and have for awhile. My best friend smoked for 10 years about a pack a day, and got pregnant, and decided to quit. She went in for an u/s and see the baby's h/b was very low, and they came to a conclusion that it was because her body was, like melissa said, "shocked" because it was addicted to cigs. and then was all of a sudden just taken away. babyonboard- kudos on trying to cut back!!!


docbytch - February 24

Hey you guys, I smoked about four cigs a day during the days I spent at work waiting tables during my daughter's pregnancy.. I was 18 and frankly hated my job. They were a stress reliever of sorts. I never smoked on days off and I quit totally after I left on maternity leave at 8mos. I used to hear how babies could be small etc etc..but I knew my baby was going to be good-sized just from how I carried her. She was 9lbs and perfect. Thankfully during my current pregnancy many years later I can say I quit several years ago. But I had a few drinks early on prior to my finding out I was pregnant... Quit that pretty quick once the ol bfp showed up...kind of shocked me a bit. My mom smoked, drank moderately, AND took diet pills during all her PGs and we all came out just fine. We all even have college degrees. There is a climate of paranoia now that never used to exist as far as pregnancy is concerned. Really all we can do is take each day at a time and try not to imbibe too much, smoke too much, or eat like c___p. I do know ppl in Europe tend to smoke and moderately drink during their pregnancies without incident. Their culture doesn't frown on everything like ours does. Perhaps we should take a chill pill when it comes to pointing our fingers at others? However...DRAW THE LINE with hard drugs. No baby should ever have to endure the pain of being born addicted to heroin, or crack cocaine.


keishanh - February 26




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