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ker - September 12

Anyone want to talk about the gender predictions/old wives tales? I found out last week I was pg. I am 5 weeks and 1 day. I tried to sway the odds in favor of a girl, did anyone else try this? Did it work? What did you try? Also, I read that if your urine is neon yellow, you would have a boy, did anyone have neon yellow urine and still have a girl?


bunp - September 12



Dustie - September 12

My urine is very yellow, but only after I have taken my prenatal vitamin. I am having a boy.


ker - September 12

Thanks Dustie, I am taking a prenatal vitamin too, but I can't remember if my urine was like that before the vitamin now DARN!


jb - September 12

My urine is very yellow, but I thought it was because of the prenatal vitamins. I am 18 weeks. I find out what i am having next week, Ill let you know.


Michelle - September 12

My urine is very yellow, but that is because of the vitamins. I had a girl the first time and I am having another girl.


tiffani~50 days to go!! - September 12

I don't recall with my daughter, but with my son, and this pregnancy (i'm having another boy) it's lighter in color and cloudy. :o)


M.F - September 12

Hi! Ker why not try the chinese gender test I tried it it said Im having a Boy im 21 weeks but Im not sure if its a boy. I still don't know what im having...try this web maybe it will help htt://parenting.ivillage.com and go to chinese gender chart...... :0)


geri - September 12

there is no accurate way to tell except by seeing the "turtle" or the "hamburger" by an ultra sound...sorry (that is what they call the testes or the v____a in ultrasound school....isn't that funnY??)


ker - September 13

thanks everyone, that is reasurring. I am hoping for a girl. the chinese chart said a boy, but i tested it on my son and it said he was a girl, so i'm not sure how accurate it is. I think i did practically everything to conceive a girl. I did the oh boy or girl planning calendar. I did vinegar/water douche, calcium/mg supplements, and the girl diet. I also tried to combine shettles method and I did bd 3 days b/f ov but then i was afraid i wouldn't get pg, so i bd'd again on the day of ovulation. Has any of you bd on the day of ovulation and still got a girl?


Angie - September 13

Kerr- my sister-in-law had a girl, but they did it 2 days before and then the day of. From what I have heard (true or not) male sperm swims fast, but dies off fast. So, if you did it 2 days before ov, you will have a girl. If you do it the day of, you will have a boy. 3 days before ov, all girl sperm may have been dead already. I have also heard that all sperm only lasts for 48 hrs. Not sure if any of it is true.


ker - September 13

thanks Angie. I heard something like that too about the sperm. But what I heard is that most of them only live up to 48 hours but that it is possible for them to live up to 5 days. I can't imagine it but that is what i heard. I did the vinegar douche on the day of ov just b/f bd, so i am hoping that killed off the Y sperm. We will see.


Beccah - September 13

Ker, you know what worked for me? I kept hoping for a girl, calling it a she, etc. But from the time I found out I was pg, every dream I had about having my baby, it was a boy. Got an US at 17 weeks, and it's a boy. I had a pregnant friend who asked what I was dreaming about and I said boy and she said "then you're having a boy". Weird, but I think sometimes you *know*. But I don't know if this works for everyone.


ker - September 13

Thanks Beccah, that is funny you say that about your dream, b/c I had a dream that my baby was a boy too. I will love it no matter what, but I just wanted to see if I could get a girl.


mel - September 15

Well, I would like to know if anyone has heard of the pencil test to find out the gender? And has it worked for anyone or not?


kl - September 15

mel...what is the pencil test?



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