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Sonxabobillia - October 18

I've always been curious about finding secrets for things which work but are otherwise known as "Old Wives Tales". Some of these solutions actually are proven but not shared. I figure this might be as good a place as any to start sharing these proven secrets with everyone. One example is trying to get rid of hiccups. Many people would recommend such silly things as standing on your head while drinking water. I actually tried it many moons ago & ended up with a nose full of water & a continuation of hiccups. I have come across one solution which I found to be the undisputed champion of hiccup cures. Drinking a capful of plain white vinegar takes care of this problem litterally in a snap. If you have any of these "Wives Tales", please share.


Sonxabobillia - October 18

Here's another contribution: WD40 quite easily removes label glue from things like jars or dried on food from countertops. Be sure to clean the surfaces with soapy water after cleaning with WD40.


Sonxabobillia - October 18

Feel free to share some wild Wives Tales stories too. It might be good for a chuckle.


Jbear - October 18

Vinegar will clean a plastic bathtub, and you can add it to laundry to remove odors.


Lisa - October 18

Don't step on a crack or you'll break your mothers back


Lisa - October 18

It is bad luck to close a pocket knife unless you were the one who opened it. (2) It's bad luck to leave a house through a different door than the one used to come into it. (3) To break a mirror means 7 years bad luck (4) Knock three times on wood after mentioning good fortune so evil spirits won't ruin it. (5) If you make a wish while throwing a coin into a well or fountain, the wish will come true...there are so many of these things!


Angie - October 18

The hiccups thing- you can also take a teaspoon full of white sugar and they go away. I learned that way back in second grade and it has worked every time with everyone I have told to do it.


Courtney - October 18

Right hand itches your going to get money...Left hand itches your going to get company from out of town...check on it sometime u'll be suprised!


Do not use VINEGAR in laundry - October 18

I was told that vinegar would keep colors from runnins and remove odors too. However, the acid in the vinegar reacted with my deoderant and I got faint bleach like stains in the armpits of a bunch of nice tops. I was devastated!


Amy - October 18

There are so many wives tales about pregnancy listed on this site under "Am I pregnant: Boy or Girl?". I don't know if any of them are true, but I thought I would share. They say if you dangle a pendant over your palm or pregnant belly and it swings in a circular motion you are having a girl, if it goes back and forth it's a boy. What I want to know, is what if it does both? Twins? A boy and a girl maybe? Cause that's what happened to me! lol. It was fun at least. Some of them seem kinda dangerous (like pouring your urine into Draino..with the fumes and possible explosion!) so I don't suggest trying them. Have fun and God bless!


more on hiccups - October 18

my sure-fire cure is to take 10 swallows of water in a row without breathing(so you are chugging). it works everytime for me! I actually did my high school speech thesis on superst_tions, and found out a lot of history behind them. like, knocking on wood? the noise is supposed to scare evil spirits away. throwing salt over your shoulder? the left side of your body has always been considered the evil side, and evil spirits reside there. so when you spill salt, its the good spirits trying to tell you something bad is going to happen, and the salt is supposed to appease the bad spirits. there were a bunch that i researched. it was really interesting!


more again - October 18

if you rub a piece of scotch tape over sticky price tags and then pull it off, the tags come right off without trying to pick them off with your nails


Sonxabobillia - October 18

I sometimes use a half cup of baking soda by itself in the washing machine to get rid of perfumy smell of laundry soap or dryer sheets in my clothing. Oh yeah, I've always wondered whether clothes will actually dry if hung out on the clothesline in frigid winter temps. (I live in Canada). Anyone know? Let me in on this one if you do.


Lisa - October 18

They do dry! But they are stiff as a board and not very comfortable...we used to put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes after that to soften the towels and the jeans up.


Wild and Crazy - October 19

clothes do dry outside in the winter it just takes a few days ... there has been a few times when in Canada eh ... I was in a rush so I grabbed my coat from the line with icicles still hanging off of the collar , sleeves and waist of my coat it sounded so neat when they clinged and clattered together like chimes and used that idea to pin little gla__s icicles to babies wet suit when we go surfing with the sharks so I can find baby in the water easier ... it also works to keep the sharks away from baby .


Sonxabobillia - October 19

Ok, I know that this thread could be construed as being off the topic of pregnancy but some things can pertain to it as some posts have shown. I hope this was not a bad idea for a thread.


Beth - October 20

Amy, that pendant thing the way I heard it was a sewing needle, it has something to do with the magnetism of your blood. We tested on all our arms and it went from stopped to back and forth, then we went over my friends baby boy and my boyfriend and it stopped, then went in circles, we then did it over my preggo belly and it went in circles, I've been feeling like it's a boy but I don't know for sure, this did however work for my friend. Let me know if this works....



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