Omg 1 Week Grumpys Getting Ready

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Grumpy - September 6

Im so excited only 8 more days!!!!! Im getting nervous though!! im still working and hoping to work right up untill i deliver. anyone else to close?????


S - September 6

Yep....I'm due the 15th!!!! NEXT WEEK!!!!! I am also working up until the big day!! I am getting a little scared! I guess we could go any time!


Lissi - September 6

I'm due TODAY! Nothing's happening though. :( I really thought she'd come early. The midwife tells me she is a "nice size". I'm not sure if that's a reason to be pleased or a reason to panic! I'm so sick of drinking red raspberry leaf tea too! Grumpy, how are you still working? I feel too tired to do anything now. You must be one of those fit, healthy people. :) Good luck to you, S, and all those who are due this month. Yey!


Grumpy - September 6

HAHA!!! YEA im not definitly not one of those extra fit people.... im just broke!!!! i can use the money right up untill i can't do anything anymore. Its really hard to sleep... so im not sure how much more i can do, I have my appointment tomorrow i hope this baby comes soon.


Lissi - September 6

I'm broke too, but I can't get to work without using our awful tube system(in London), which is overcrowded and full of inconsiderate people who pretend they can't see you, so they don't have to offer you a seat.It's no place for a pregnant woman. I'm not sleeping either. Hubby is already asking me when I want to have another child! Lol! At the moment, I'm thinking "NEVER!". I'm so excited about seeing my baby though!


Tami - September 6

Grumpy-congratulations! I am sure you are very excited. I am due the 24th so I have a ways to go. I am no longer working right now-I am a teacher and just didn't go back this year, and I am bored out of my mind, but I don't know how you do it with all the aches and pains of the last few weeks! Keep us updated! Are you being induced or just hoping to go anyday now? Lissi-I know how you feel! My husband keeps asking when we want to plan our next child. Hmm, and he gets upset when I tell him right now I don't even want to think about it! I am sure that will change once I hold my little girl, but I still want to space them a couple years apart! :) Good luck and keep us updated! It is getting exciting huh? Have you been having any contractions at all? I have for two weeks now and no baby-it is getting frustrating!


S - September 6

thanks Lissi....good luck to you too! I hope your baby comes soooooon!!! I have to work to survive!!! lol. I have just enought time for my maternity leave. So I will have to work up until the day I have her. I am also 28 and single.....doing this on my own cause my b/f left me at 3 months. No worries though.....his a__s is going to PAY!!!! lol. Good luck to everyone. Tami, you don't have that much longer!


Grumpy - September 6

Baby Dust Baby Dust ~*~*~*~*~*~ I wish everyone a quick, safe and memorable delivery i just can't keep still i just want to do jumping jacks to get my little one out!! I want to count fingers and toes and kiss elbows EWWWWW!!!!!!!


Christina - September 6

Wow! You guys are almost there!! I'm only at 24 weeks. I'm TRYING to enjoy (haha) every moment of this pregnancy- I know things will be crazy once the little one is here! Is anyone trying anything to hurry baby along? Maybe red rasberry tea works best, but I have also heard of playing basketball (worked for my best friend), having s_x (worked twice for my sister for a speedy delivery, but only after contractions started), and just plain old walking. Good luck to you, Grumpy, Lissi, S and Tami!!!


Lissi - September 7

Red raspberry leaf tea has done nothing for me so far, except turn my stomach. I'm drinking 3 cups a day, and I really have to force myself to do it. Some people say it makes for an easier labor though, so I'll let you know. I'm so desperate to have this baby, I may even consent to s_x toninght! I hope I can remember how, I'm feeling a little rusty. It's very calming to hear from other women who are about to go through the same experience. This is my first baby, and I'm a bit scared. I wonder which one of us will be first?


Eryn - September 7

I am also due the 15th. I am SO scared. I am not to the point where I just want the baby out yet. I wish I was than maybe I wouldn't be so scared. I hope everyone has a safe and fast delivery. :)


S - September 7

I'm due the 15 also and last night i thought i was having some mild cramping, but I always just talk myself out of it. I just think it's something I ate. I am a little upset because I went to the doc 3 weeks ago and was 80% effaced and dilated 2 cm. WTF!!!! I was thinking her a__s would be here by now!!!! lol......When I went to the doc last week he said I was about 90% effaced now. How much longer can that little booger hold on??? lol...must be very comfy in her little womb.



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