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~m~ - February 18

Guess what...... you won't frickin believe this!!!!!!!!! I took a test when I got home this afternoon, and you should see how bright pink the BFP is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I am so damn excited I can't contain myself. After the miscarrriages, I have told myself I wasn't going to get my hopes up, even with a faint line. But this is the brightest line I've got yet!! YAY..........BABY DUST, BABY DUST!!!!


Rachel* - February 18

~m~ that is great news!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I know you've been trying for a while cuz I've been on this board for 5 weeks or so. Congrats!!! Time to celebrate :) How are you going to tell your hubby?


Missy - February 18

~m~ I have seen your posts for some time now and even though I don't know, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You go girl!! May God watch over you and protect you, your husband and your precious little baby. And again, congrats!!!!


KM - February 18

YAY ~m~ I am SOOO happy for you :) :)!!!!!!! looks like beers in Boston is a big no no now hehehe :) CONGRATS!!!!!!!!


~m~ - February 18

Thanks girls!!!! I don't know what to do with myself. I am so full of adrenaline!! I'm bouncing off of the walls. My 6 year old asked me why I looked so happy. I told him I have a baby in my tummy, and he his happy, too now! Rachel*, I couldn't contain it. I had to call him and tell him! I wish I had more patience, but he won't be home for another 3 hours or so. A couple of months ago, we bought a bottle of champagne for a baby dust toast when this day came. So I'm staying up until he gets home, so we can toast gla__ses, take one drink, and then follow with a bottle of water! Time to throw out the booze! LOL ----- KM, I'm still in for Cheers, I'll just have to get me some O'Douls! LOL Yuck! I'll settle for a virgin daiquri (sp?)!


KM - February 19

awwh that is so cute about your son !! I am so happy for you,you have been trying for quite some time and you deserve this so much :)


tiffani - February 19

Holy Cow ~m~ thats AWESOME!!!!!I'm so Happy for you! :o) :o) :o)CONGRATULATIONS! :o) How are you feeling?


SR - February 19



w - February 19

Congratulations ~m~, start taking it easy girlfriend put ur feet up. I wish u all the best x


Heavenly - February 19

OMG! ~m~!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you sweetie. This is awesome news!!!!!! You better keep us updated! xoxoxox :o)


~m~ - February 19

Thank you everybody!! This morning I called my doc's office. The on-call doc called me in some Prometrium. I think I'm gonna make a thread about it. I'd like to know others' experiences with it. As for how I feel, I have a gargantuan headache and backache today. Like right in the middle of my back, all the way across, it feels like someone whacked me with a 2 by 4. Ouch!! ----Thanks everyone! I love having such supportive people to talk to..... even if it is over the internet! xoxoxoxoxo


Dez - February 21



tara - February 21

Congrats to you ~m~. This is so exciting! I'll never forget the feeling when I first found out! There is nothing like it in the world. Congrats and keep well :o)


Alexis - February 21

Congratulations! I have an old wives tail that runs in my family and so far it's proven to be true but upon my calculations you are set to have a girl if you are due in Oct. and are 33yrs old. I hope I'm right because I've read that you want a girl.


~m~ - February 21

Thanks ladies! Alexis, that is an AWESOME theory! I think I'll go ahead and cross my fingers. Maybe I'll get my little Lucy! :o) --- tara, you're right, there is no other feeling like this one! Except maybe giving birth, but by golly, this is a close second!!!


MAD - February 21



Lovely - February 21

Isn't it awesome how the wonderful news of a baby on the way can make women smile to each other.... even when they once threatened to kick on another's a__s?!?!?! lol! Congrats! :)



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