Omg Am I Pregnant Help Me

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SheLLy - August 10

Okay, here's the problem.....i had my period the morning of July 4 and it ended on July 10, 2004! I had s_x the night of July 4 and he DID c_m inside of me! Now four and a half weeks later (TODAY) = my nipples are different their (bigger), my stomach is cramping, im gettin headache's (about every other night), and i spotted two weeks before i was suppose to start my period again & its coming out brown and sometimes dark red blood! WUT DO I DO?? AM I PREGNANT?? IS THAT NORMAL TO BE SPOTTING?? E-MAIL ME ASAP WITH ALL THE ANSWERS PLEASE, PLEASE: [email protected]


Isabelle - August 8

First of all...its not safe att all for him to be coming inside of you even if you are on your period. I suggest you take a pregnancy test. And the "ur naughty gurl" email name,is typical.


name - August 8

Isabelle, I don't think she was writing in this forum cause she wanted you to judge her. She's just looking for help, not your opinion on her.


name - August 8

there's a chance you are pregnant cause those are all symptoms.and you CAN get pregnant on your period. Spotting is normal during implantation.


Concern - August 8

Dont pay any attention to these hormonal hell b___hes. They tend to judge you and not support you. The hell with the little child mess, grow up Isabelle. You're not GOD you cannot judge better than GOD. GL SHELLY :)


unknown - August 9

why do you always come in here and post that you think that your pregnant. you probaly never have had s_x you lazy bastered


Ben - August 10

Concern - calm down and stop abusing people, you are out of control. Isabelle is correct in telling her she is not safe to be having unprotected s_x. Would you rather girls go around having s_x without proper planning, risking unwanted pregnancies and diseases or being informed of the facts and the risks they take? You are useless to this site. If you don't have any advice for the person posting their query, then DO NOT POST.


jill - August 10

well said ben


Tanya - August 10

Jill and Ben, relax!! Shelly never said she didn't want to be pregnant, If all you are going to do is go from question to question bashing, yeah you BEN, go to another forum! These WOMEN, not young girls, hence this is not the section for TEEN PREGNANCY, just general questions, are here for some simple advice from other women. not here for the bashing, that is why this was created, TO HELP women. GROW UP!!!! All shelly wanted to know is if the spotting was normal, not to be riticuled for asking a question she didn't know the answer too.


Rach - August 10

Tanya, grow up you silly little girl. Leave the advice to the grown ups, WE know what we are talking about, so please shut up.



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