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Chris - September 27

Melissa, I spoke w/ you awhile back about post BC & pregnancy. My hubby & I finally got preggers. This would be our second child. I wanted to say, Thanx for all your wonderful helpful, & informative advice. Things have although took a turn for the worse.I was in my 8th week and had gone to the hospital for a sharp pain in my right side. Since, I have been non-stop going for ultrasounds & bloodtests almost every 2 days. My HCG quantive levels are going up but, not high enuff. On the ultrasound pix, everything has developed normal but, no embryo. They have found out that I have a Blighted Ovum. I have done some research on this and found out that it is pretty common. I have not bled yet but, I am scheduled to have my D&C for tomorrow afternoon. Both hubby, I, & family are all devastated. OB-GYN says everything is going to be alright but, I still fear the worst. I saw the ultrasound and all the graphics of it. Even saw the partial embryo butm, no heartbeat. We are however going to re-group ourselves & try again in a few months after healing. I just thought I would update you and say thanx for all your kind words of wisdom. You really have a gentle & sensitive heart. Thanx. ---- Chris.


Melissa - September 27

I am so sorry to hear that. Blighted ovums are somewhat common, but they are still somewhat of a mystery to why they happen. I hope you can pick up the pieces and move forward as soon as possible. One thing to be thankful for is that this all happened as soon in the pregnancy as it did. Eventhough it doesn't make it any easier, it is better to have this happen at eight weeks than later on something going wrong. If I were you, I would for sure take some time to reflect and heal before trying again. I am sure you will conceive again and will have a beautiful baby someday soon. Take heart and know that all things do happen for a reason and you will get through this. Melissa


Chris - September 28

Melissa, I'm still a bit groggy from my surgery today. Just got home recently. I'm hanging in there. Thanx so very much for being there & lending your kind & wise words. It's greatly appreciated. You truly deserve a huge pat on the back. Thanx.



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