Omg Is This Really That Bad

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MystinaAlise - May 8

ok its another baby name question... i picked Xavier Emanuel (my BDs middle name) Brown for a little boy and we are stuck on Aryanna, Shaniya, or Janiya Denise Brown for a little girl... but everyone but me and him seem to hate those names... are they really that bad? BTW my baby is going to be mixed (black and white) and we are trying to find a name that isnt "too" black or "too" white... what do yall think of them?


zoelouise - May 9

At the end of the day hun... Its for you and your partner to decide the name of you baby not others,,,, All new names are diffenrent to others but at the end of the day if you two both like them then follow your heart on it..!!!!


jg - May 9

I learned early on not to tell ANYONE our choices. People will tell you they hate the name but once you have named your baby it, they say "oh it really suits him/her" so just go with your instincts and don't listen to anyone.


rj80 - May 9

Yeah - I agree with jg! Don't tell anyone but each other - but for a slightly different reason! My big sis-in-law was preg with her first, and our little sis-in-law (i'm the middle one) made the mistake of telling Big what names she wanted when they had kids. All of a sudden Big wanted them. Suffice to say that Little was very very upset because she'd planned them for years with her DH, so I had to have a chat with Big and try subtly to tell her that they were Little's names so she can't have them. Me and my hubs have decided on two boys and two girls and not one other person on the plant knows. When I have that baby I'll name it then!! But to answer your question I like Aryanna. Nice and not too unusual! Good luck!


HannahBaby - May 9

I dont like any of them. they sound "too" black. But like zoe said in the end they are your children and all that matters is that you and your hubby like it.


falafal0 - May 9

I agree with all of the posts that think it's totally up to you guys. I don't think anyone sholud sway you to change the name of YOUR baby just because THEY don't like the name - who cares about them? I like Xavier and also Aryanna, very nice. Might use it myself if I wasn't having a boy!


frankschick2001 - May 9

If you fall in love with a name, then use it. However, you stated that you don't want it to sound "too black or white". But the names you pick do sound black to me. So if you are trying to stay away from that, then the names you picked are not good.


Erynn21 - May 9

I think your names are nice, and who cares what other ppl think, remember this is your baby. Ppl get to to name their own children whatever they want. If it really bugs you don't tell them, or if you're wanting to stir up some trouble make up someting atrocious to mess w/ them. LOL, just kidding although my hubby and I thought about it for awhile. Good luck in the name game.


rj80 - May 9

Erynn I like that idea! Mess with people who are mean to you about your choices!! LOL!! MystinaAlise you need to think of something really odd now hehe!


soimpatient - May 9 is true...this will be your baby and you are ent_tled to name it whatever you like. But if you're asking my opinion then I think that Shaniya & Janiya sound VERY black...I think that Xavier and Arianna sound the most neutral.


Evonna - May 9

that's a nice name for the boy & i really like the names for the girl! = ]


Evonna - May 9

well ofcourse, i'm black, lol.


Been There - May 9

I wouldn't care if they sound, black, white or purple. It only matter if you like the names. I posted about people and their opinions on the names I chose. I realize that people are just going to say whatever they want, but it doesn't matter. Your child, your choice and they'll deal with whatever you name your child.


Jamie - May 10

People are going to say whatever they want. I personally do not like the choices for a girl's name, though I think Xavier Emanuel is cute and unique. But, it could be worse than people saying they're too "black" or too "white". My first choice for a girl's name was Victoria - til someone pointed out that her initials would be V.D. We chose Serenity, and my MIL kept referring to her as the "feminine hygiene product" all through my pregnancy. I wanted to slap that MFB. But, our daughter is named Serenity, and I've informed MIL that if she EVER calls my daughter a 'feminine hygiene product', she will no longer be a part of my daughter's life.


zoelouise - May 10

Some people can just be d__n right crue and hurtful.... But it dont matter what name you pick for your unborn child there will always besome one to judge it and make fault with it!!!! But at end of day as long as the mother and father of the unborn are happy with the names then that is all that matters...... Many of us on this site may either like or dislike the names... But its not for anyone else to tell you.. Follow your heart if they the names you like then you stick to your guns xxxx All the best hunxxxxx


Erynn21 - May 10

People suck about their opinions on names, we have chosen the name Nora for our daughter. Before we knew she was a girl we had 3 girls names: Nora, Alexa, and Sophie, and 2 boys names: Logan and Tyler. My grandma hated ALL of the names except Logan, then had the nerve to say,"Well I guess we'll have to love the baby regardless of the name you pick." Then she tried to offer me money to name the baby after her. She is bizarre. Ppl so the strangest sh*t when it comes to names. Sorry had to vent.


Tjane - May 11

I am white and having a biracial child and have chosen the name Janiyah as well. My first daughters name is Jazlyn (biracial as well). I cant decide on a middle name though, its either Lynn or Storm, I know they are at completely different ends of the pole but I like them both. Name your baby whatever you want, when I told my stuck up b of a sister that I was naming her "janiyah" she said "You might as well name her Boomsheka" I told her I was gonna tell my daughter that she said that when she got older, she hasnt said anything else since, she has actually been the only one with the problem. I like different names, but then again, My name is Tommi........



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