On Your Period Amp Unprotected Sex

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GnV - March 29

I was on my period and had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. Is there a good possibility that i could become pregnant?


???? - March 29

I am wondering the same thing. I had s_x on my period and a day and a half later it just stopped. Then a day after a whole day with no bleeding, I spotted bright pink for 3 days. Then 24 days after that af, I started another one 3 days early and it was weird. Bled for 4 days but it was light. Since that af, I have been having extreme constipation, fatigue, am eating more to the point where even my mom noticed, have been feeling weird twinges at my belly b___ton, and last night I got 3 sharp itchy-feeling pains right near my bladder on the right. I think I'm just wigging out though. I hope so anyway...


AmandaG - March 30

Well..from my past experiences thats how I got pregnant with my two little girls. I had s_x while having my period so it is possible but im guessing it just depends on you and your body.


lee - March 31

so you could get pregnant...


???? - March 31

I might test this weekend then. I'd be roughly 5 weeks along. But with my bleeding 24 days after, I doubt that I am. It's funny how your mind can play serious tricks on your body. GnV, do you have anything weird going on with your body? When was your last af?


* - March 31

Ok, I have a question. I have never had s_x while on my period. It just kinda seems gross. Is it enjoyable? Doesn't blood get everywhere? I think I would be WAY too embara__sed.


Amber - June 23

I had s_x last night technically on my first day of my period. Now I am not bleeding at all. My period was already 12 days late but i took four hpt and they were all negative. Anyways What I am wondering is if it is normal for your period to stop or hault if you have had s_x on day 1 or 2?


Tiffany - August 26

i was jus wonderin if i can have s_x and it is my 3rd day bein on my period and will i get pregnant if i have protected s_x?


melissa - September 18

this questions for ???? did u ever get prgenant cuz i did tha same thing i had s_x he came inside me then i started havin wat i thought was a period n then we had s_x on my period n then days later i started havin bright pink blood or discharge ..wat could this mean..sum1 help please!


Tiffany - September 19

Yes you CAN get pregnant on your period. It is possible to ovulate during your period.


Tom - September 19

That is just nasty - who would want to have unprotected s_x with all that blood? I can't think of any way faster to get an STD !!!!!



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