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Anonymous Male - June 9

Hi, I'm 19, and I'm a Guy! (No, I'm not the one Pregnant) My Girlfriend is 5 - 6 weeks Pregnant now. We found out a week ago. We've got a Strong Relationship, been living together for last 8 months and get on fantastically. I see so many Teen Pregnancy Problems and Dilemmas written all over the Forums and News etc.. I just want to say that the Pregnancy is not a Bad thing, Nothing really is a Bad thing. It all depends on how you Deal with it. When Finding out both Myself and My Girlfriend were Shocked to Say the Least. But after sitting Down and Talking about it, we have turned what could have been a Bad situation into something Fantastically good. Since Finding Out my G/f has Stopped Smoking, Not had one since (I'd like to thank her for being so strong, for me as well as our baby) She has started to take a lot more care in herself, becoming more Respectful and Proud of whats she wears, how she looks. We have even found a new place to move into, where we can both Save Money and Raise a Child in good Health. From what I have seen in just the one Week of Finding out is that Pregnancy gives two gifts not just one. The first gift is obviously a child, but the second is the Maturity and Logical thinking that makes you want to become something! It has definetly given me and my G/f a reason to be more tidy with our lives. I know it's long and I'm sorry if you have got bored of reading this, But for all you People out there that are expecting and Are either Scared, unwanting or generally have a pesimestic outlook of whats to come. Please Don't, because it's not the Situation that causes this, it's how you treat it. Be good to yourself and Be Good to Your Child. Whether your With someone or Alone, Always treat it as a blessing and you will truely be blessed in Return.


jackie - June 7

wow. i know i'm speechless.


Mia - June 8

That was a nice email thanks for sharing.


celeste - June 9

We need more responsble guys out there like you. Congrats on your new blessing and take care of each other.



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