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waiting84 - November 26

Okay, so here is the sequence of events: My LMP began on Oct 22. Lasted 6-7 days. Had unprotected s_x all the way up until the 8th of November. On the 11, brownish discharge, wiped and nothing was there. On the 12th a little bit of the same in the morning, then in the evening there was a red dot in white/clear mucus. On the 13th, in the morning, same brown discharge, nothing when I wiped. Implantation bleeding? A couple days later I had some period like cramps, but of course, no AF. A couple days after that I had a lot of white discharge but it was continuous like you would get before you're period it just showed up on my panties twice on that day... then now, I just get a little bit of white discharge now and then. I took a HPT before my period was due, negative (EPT) one when it was due (EPT again), I took a First Response 3 days past when it was due, and one today... All negative... How long should I wait to take another one?? What are the possiblities of me actually being pregnant from these signs?? Would a blood test even help when I'm getting these negative tests? Also, ever since I have had the brown discharge I've been having these va___al pains, it doesn't hurt too bad, but I can definitely feel it... not sure what kind of pain it is? I was really emotional around the time of the discharge for about a week or so, I could smell a drink sitting on my dresser, but now I don't really feel much except slightly swollen br___ts... Please help!! All this waiting is killer, i really have no patience for ANYTHING !!


AFCV - November 28

Hi! I'm just like you, I'm on cd 36 and getting BFN's. I don't understand either!


xvkx - November 28

Go to a doctor and get tested to know for sure. Those home pregnancy kits aren't really all that sharp from my experience. Also remember that sometimes you can be late on a period, especially if you're stressed out.


Grandpa Viv - November 28

It sounds promising. Are you testing with first morning pee? You had "brown and pink when wiping" typical of implantation spotting, and at the right time. You are late, lotion discharge, weird cramps, heavier b___sts, emotional, smells. No tired, peeing, upset gut, runny nose, acne, appet_te, dreams etc? Quite a few women do not get a positive home test until 2 weeks late, and a few even later. As long as you are taking prenatal vitamins as a precaution, the doctor will not be upset if you do not visit until you miss a second period. A qualitative blood test is not much better than a home pee test, and a quant_tative test is expensive. Good luck!


AFCV - November 29

Hi, I'm on cd 37 and still no AF. With my first pregnancy I got my BFP on cd 35, and not with my first morning pee. I've never been this late in my life, the latest is 35 days. I want to start taking really good care of myself, so I really want to know once and for all if I'm pregnant. I'm thinking of buying another hpt today, so I can test tomorrow morning or should I just test in the middle of the day like I did with my first???



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