Only 4 Weeks And Feel Like 4 Months

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Michelle - October 13

I am only 4 weeks pregnant, but I am nauseated ALL the time. I am already developing food aversions. And my belly is already pooched enough to justify wearing the not-so-obvious maternity clothes. Is this normal. This is my 4th pregnancy. 2 live births, one miscarriage 2 months ago. Could that have something to do with it? My hcg levels are higher than they've ever been at this point in my other pregnancies!


$weetne$$ - October 13

have u had an ultra scan yet? are u sure your not futher along? but as thing isnt ur first pregnancy u can start to show earlier...try not to worry...if u do have any concerns pop along to ur doctor to put any worries to rest ;o)


Lori - October 13

Michelle the last thing I want to do is scare you but I had symptoms like yours last summer and I ended up having a molar pregnancy so if I were you I would call your Doctor ASAP and ask for an ultrasound, but then again it could be nothing.


Michelle - October 14

What is a molar pregnancy? Sounds scary. I guess I could be further along, but there's no way I could be more than 5 weeks past conception. I counted back, and my miscarriage was only 5 weeks ago. I thought it was longer! I hear that with twins, symptoms are doubled in intensity. I have an appointment Monday. How early can an ultrasound detect anything?


Lori - October 14

Michelle go to and at the search type molar pregnancy the article explains it really well. like I said before it might be nothing and awsome if its twins, but in case of a molar you need to see the doctor right away.


Michelle - October 14

Thank you! That is an informative article, although it is a little scary. It sounds a lot like me- Quickly enlarging uterus/abdomen, nausea, recent miscarriage. It's scaring me a little. The only thing I find comfort in is the last sentence in the section t_tled "Symptoms and Diagnosis". It mentions persistent cough and abnormal bleeding. I have neither of those right now. I am praying that I go in Monday and hear some good news. I'll come back and let you know after my appt is over. Thanks again, Lori!


Michelle - October 14

Hello ladies. I have another theory. When I had my miscarriage, could it have been that I lost one baby of twins? After my body was cleared out, my hcg levels showed zero, but is it possible that there was another baby and it lived and that is why it seems I am so big so fast?


Daile - October 15

Michelle, I don't think it's possible to do that. I think if you were pregnant with twins and miscarried one then the other would have miscarried at the same time. I could be wrong, but it just doesn't seem logical to me.


kla - October 19

MICHELLE> it is very possible my friend kristie who i will even give you her email address for advice.... she was pregnany with twins and didnt know she had a miscarraige and before they did her d & c she demanded and ultrasound and found another baby... he was born healthy and happy it is more than POSSIBLE for you to have been pregnant with twins and have lost one...... go see your doctor right away and tell him get a us.......... unless you had blood work done showing that in the time in between that your levels went down back to normal i would certinaly go right way to ensure that everything is indeed ok ... if tyou want to get in contact with her please email her at [email protected]


Mellissa - October 19

Is it just possible that it is twins THIS TIME AROUND?!?! That would automatically make you bigger. You could also just be farther along than you think. Oh, and it is your 4th pregnany and you get bigger earlier with each one. An Ultrasound will clear all this up. Go see your doctor, that's my suggestion.


Michelle - October 19

A week ago, I had 3 positive pregnancy tests. Therefore, I a__sume my levels were fairly high. Yesterday, at the doctor, I had a blood test, which showed my levels to be down to 8. And of course, I did miscarry last night. Someone asked if maybe it was twins this time around. If that were true, and I lost one last night, would my levels have went down that low? Am I making sense? I am probably in some sort of denial, or wishful thinking, but could there be a live baby still in there?


kla - October 20

i would get them to do an ultrasound before you EVER get a d n c. to always check and see ... if there is another heart beat or not. with my friend she miscarried and said im not getying a d n c until you give me an us...... and when they did the us the next day there was a healthy b aby there.. once you see the us.. you will know. it will be a sence of closure. i went through this .. on september 23rd.. and i didnt want to except it until they showed me my empty belly.... :'(


Michelle - October 20

kla - Thank you so much for your help. I am so sorry for your loss! I have written down your friend's e-mail address and I will be writing her with a couple of questions. Thanks again!



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