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stacey - March 24

Ok, I just used a ClearBlue Easy opk test. It was my first time using it and the line was almost as dark as the test line. Then I read on www.peeonastick.com that they were bad and hard to read b/c a pos. isn't as dark as test line. Has anyone ever used these and were they easy to read? Before this I was using Target brand and it was always lighter than test line (wasn't o'ing yet). HELP!! Oh, made my neighbor and hubby look at it and they both said it's similar to test line,but a bit lighter- not much.


ADA - March 24



stacey - March 24

Gee ADA, what great advice!


Jenn - March 24

That is the same brand that I used. I don't think it matters how dark or light the line is, it is just what direction it is going.


stacey - March 24

Really? It didn't say that in the directions, but the line was going the same way as the test one.


Kelly - March 24

I used First Response and well it gave me an easy to read response! I even took it 2 times and got the same result "Pregnant" They make that one by EPT that says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" try that one.


Jenn - March 24

If you see a blue line, even a faint one, in the square result window, this means that you are pregnant. The line may be faint blue if you are testing on or around the day your period is due. If you do not see a blue line at all in the result window, it means you are not pregnant. A faint line is caused by a low level of hCG. This is the hormone that your body produces in increasing amounts during the first part of pregnancy. I copy and pasted that right from their website. Hope that helps. My line was very faint, but I tested the first day that I missed my period. How far along do you think you would be?


stacey - March 24

Oh, now I get it- I wrote OPK-ovulation predictor kit, you guys are answering for pregnancy tests. Did anyone use the ClearBlue Easy Ovluation Tester??


Jennifer - March 24

haha, ooops, Sorry. You could go on their website, there is a place there with frequently asked questions. This might help.


stacey - March 24

I did thanks- just wanted to see if others thought it was an easy to read test- since I only used one so far- I guess as I use more I'll be able to tell the difference. Thanks again!


Ginger - March 24

I used EPT. It was very easy and very accurate!


bump - March 24




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