Opting For C Section

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l - October 11

My doctor has actually agreed to letting me choose! He says that since I am a diabetic and have a higher chance of placenta problems that he would be okay with scheduling a c-section rather than taking the risk of having to perform an emergency c-section. Now I am thinking about how it is 'major' surgery more than ever, and slow healing time, but with va___al birth I may not have as much pain control as I need. I just dont know what I want to do!


l - October 12



MJM - October 12

You will hear all sorts of things good and bad when it comes to C-section or Vaginal birth. If I were you I would opt for the C-Section. That way there is no more added stress to you or the baby if for some reason v____al did not go well and emergency c sect was performed. It is a major surgery but it is a surgery that is performed more often then most. And actually I had back surgery an they did an incision right where you get one for the c-section and the healing time on the incision itself was a week then it was itchy and not as painful. So dont stress out. I would go with the C-section.


N - October 12

It's a really tough decision to make so discuss it with your doctor ALOT. If it makes you more comfortable to know everything will go smoothly and to be able to plan things, then by all means have a c-sec, especially if it's for medical reasons.. BUT, if you do want to try for a v____al delivery, there are lots of things your doctor can do differently to minimize the risk. You may still end up with a c-sec in the end, but there won't be much added risk to the baby if you have a good plan worked out with your doctor. I am trying for a VBAC (my first baby was by emergency c-sec) and my doctor has made specific arrangements to make things less risky.. like no induction, I can't go more than three or four days over my due date or we will do a scheduled c-sec, if my labour doesn't progess quickly we do a c-sec, he will not use forceps or vaccuum we'll do a c-sec, if there are any complications or worries, we do a c-sec.. BASICALLY, i have to go into labour on my own and as soon as I am admitted to the hospital they will book an OR for me just incase. There are definate benifits and drawbacks to both v____al delivery and c-sections, but it's up to you and your doctor to decide which is better for YOU. Good luck, I hope you decide something you feel good about.


pbj - October 12

Normally I would say v____al is better, but in your case being a diabetic maybe a c-section would be best since it may place less stress on your body. I would say do your research, talk to other diabetic women who have children and how they decided which road to take.



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