Orange Sized Cyst

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kim - July 15

sorry to those that already read this on "problems getting pregnant" but i just found out that i have a cyst the size of an orange on my ovary. i'm scared- is this a normal sized PCOS cyst, will i need surgery, what's going on? please could anyone help me figure this out as i don't get to see my dr until monday now. thank you. kim.


Christy - July 15

Kim- I had a cyst about the same size to rupture about a year ago. I had to have surgery b/c it wouldn't stop bleeding. The surgery and recovery were not bad. What does PCOS stand for (sorry I'm a little slow!) I don't think they always do surgery for one this size. Theres probably something you can take to help shrink it. Try not to worry.


kim - July 16

thanks christy! did it hurt when it ruptured? PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. i really hope i get the medication to shrink it b/c i'm terrifed to go into surgery!! thanks again christy!!


Christy - July 16

Hey kim, yes it did hurt pretty bad. If it bursts you'll definitley know it. The day it burst I felt bad all day and that night night I started cramping really bad. The cramps kept getting worse. I just could not get comfortable at all. I was pretty much doubled over for an hour and 1/2 . When it fully ruptured I felt really nauseated and I thought I would pa__s out. This is when my husband MADE me go to the ER. I wasn't sure what was wrong and didn't have insurance at the time so I really did not want to go. I was there a couple hours and had some kind of scan. I think it was a cat scan. When they finally found out what it was, I was in surgery w/in the hour. The surgery itself was really not bad at all. They went in through my belly b___ton and two tiny incisions around my hair line. From what I've learned since, you don't always have to have surgery if bursts. Mine just kept bleeding and would not stop. Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? I am 15 weeks and have another cyst on my left ovary that has basically stayed the same throughout the pregnancy. Most of the time they stop growing when your pregnant.


kim - July 16

christy, thanks again! i am trying to get pregnant right now (for 7 mnths already!). i was charting my bbt's and noticed that i wasn't ovulating which is what lead me to go for an ultrasound. how long had you been trying before you found out you were pregnant? oh, and do these cysts just keep coming back forever? you said that the one you have now is staying the same size, but what about once your baby is born? congratulations, by the way!! will you try to find out if it's a boy or girl?


Christy - July 16

Hey Kim! This pregnancy was a total surprise, but we are so excited. I also have a 4 & 6 year. They will be 5& 7 when the baby gets here. I still can't believe we're starting all over again! I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and I swear I see a p___s on the picture! I will have another ultrasound in early August but I'm pretty sure it's a boy. From my experience the cysts do seem to come back over time. I've always had painful periods so maybe thats a sign. I see my doctor on Thursday and I'm gonna ask her about removing the cyst when I have my c-section. I have been concerned about it rupturing while I'm pregnant. When you do get pregnant you'll probably have a few extra ultrasounds to make sure your cyst stays the same size. Let me know what your doctor says on Monday. I sure hope it's good news!


kim - July 17

thanks christy, i definately will keep you posted! talk to you monday, enjoy the rest of your weekend!! kim.


kim - July 18

christy, my orange (my new name for my cyst!!) is 5.9x4x4cm!! it also has friends on the other ovary, so i now have PCOS. since there's nothing really to do but wait, i'll just keep my sept 29th appointment with my new gyno b/c my friend said that she's worth the wait to see. well that's all for now, how's your pregnancy going? any funky cravings or happenings going on?! i'll have to live vicariously through you girls on here seeing as it's going to take me a wee bit longer to experience it myself!! k.


Christy - July 19

Hey kim, when you saw your doctor did they talk about treatment? Is it possible to get pregnant w/ the cysts? I did have a craving yesterday. My husband makes these orange shakes that taste like a orange creamsicle. He mentioned the shake and I could not think of anything until he made. He was helping the kids b__w up these balloons so I had to wait. When he finally did make I drank way to much. Like mine and what the kids didn't drink! I felt sick (of course) and had deadly indigestion!


kim - July 19

hey christy, it is possible to get pregnant with the cysts, it just takes a lot longer- have you ever gone on to the "problems getting pregnant" forum?, lots of the girls there have PCOS. when i get to see my new gyno, she'll point me in tthe direction i have to take next, like clomid or some other drug. my dr couldn't really tell me too much b/c she doesn't specialize in this area. mmmmm.... creamsicle smoothie.... i love those!! i hate that about cravings- once they pop into your head, nothing will satisfy you but that! and i'm not even pregnant!


Christy - July 20

Hey kim, keep trying and keep me updated!



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