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Dez - October 27

h__lo everyone, I am 37 weeks and i am getting severe uncomfertable pain from like my pubic bone in my groin out to my inner thighs and hips. I can barley move it hurts so bad, if i am in one position i cant feel it constantly but ill get stabbing pains that will go away. As soon as i try to move, turn over, get out of bed i feel like i cant move because the pain is so bad. I know im probably stretching but is it suppose to hurt so bad? i practically feel unmobile. Its been constant for about three days and i have tried stretching and warm baths nothing works. anyone feeling the same thing or know what it could be, and how to make it feel better?


name - October 28

I'm not sure.. but I'm also 37 wks and I have the same kind of pains in my v____a and lower abdomen...


amber - October 28

i would ask your doctor


Shalamar - November 5

When I had my first baby I had the same problems you are talking about. I had pain and alot of pressure in my lower abdomen . It was very hard to move around in bed because I would get sharp pains if I moved a certain way. I had weekly ma__sages which helped a little and I used a heating pad to help with the pain. I don't think there is a problem, just alot of weight for your body to handle. Just take it easy but don't sit for long peroids of time. Getting up and walking around seem to help also.


m - November 5

Dez, The baby is probably dropping and pressing on nerves, etc. You may be approaching labor in the next few days. If you don't have your bag packed already, I would do it now. And I wouldn't go too far from home -- just incase. During the end of my pregnancy, I had the same thing, and the doc told me the nerves were being pressed on because baby was dropping and getting ready to enter the world. Good luck!


KM - November 5

m, my baby dropped weeks ago and I'm still here pregnant :(


kellie - November 5

that is your ciatic nerve in your hip it is because of the way that the baby is positioned he/she is laying on a nerve that is causing the pain i have it all the time on both sides and it hurts almost constantly......believe me it makes it really hard to even walk from the bed to the bathroom...Good luck to you


m - November 5

awww, I'm so sorry KM. I feel your pain girlfriend! I know the last few weeks/days are so hard on us women. Maybe your bundle of joy will come soon! Good luck to you 37-40 weekers!



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