Ouch It Freakin Hurts

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linda - December 15

I am 27wks pregnant and for several weeks i keep getting this really sharp pain that feels like im being stabbed in my cervix with a knife,it's a real sudden pain that comes and goes quickly.do you know what causes it?is it normal?


Kristina - December 15

I got that pain just in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.....Tasia is 6 weeks now and to this day I still don't knwo what that pain was...I asked my doc and he couldn't really give me any answars! =S


linda - December 15

thanks for your reply,


beth - December 15

could be ligament pain maybe?


sian - December 16

i also got that too in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.midwife said its the babys head hitting a nerve.


Emy - December 16

I got that around 27 weeks and my doctor said it was a nerve related to the pelvis starting to shift. Totally normal.


linda - December 16

thanks you guys now im not so concerned.


beckyjms - December 17

hiya i am 33 weeks pg and i have been suffering the same, the doc said it is PSD its a pubic bone difficiantcy nothing to worry about it just means ur bones are overlapping and can sc___pe on eachother which causes the pain but there is nothing u or a doc can do just gotta put up with it. Try keeping ur legs closed wen u get in and out of a car or bed and wen u sit down. but other than that i promise its nothing to worry about! :)


linda - December 17

thanks beckyjms


kimberley - December 17

I too get that pain, some days a lot more than others, and I feel like I can not even walk. I read somewhere that the pelvic bones rrub together, and can cause this pain, and if it becomes too painful, it can require surgery to fix it.


Jaime - December 19

I am 28 weeks along and I have the same pains hit me atleast once a day.I asked my doctor and his answer was simple. He says" as long as the baby is moving and im not bleeding I am fine.Your body is growing with the baby and that mean organs and nerves are being pushed around."I think you will be just fine...Good luck to you.



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