Our Hormones Post Your Funny Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories

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Dez - November 5

I've had a few, but this one stuck out the most (or just the only one i can remember clearly) I was at my dr. appt last tuesday (I am 38.5 weeks), my mom went with me. the dr. said he was gonna do a quick ultrasound to make sure baby was still head down, he couldnt tell because shes dropped so low. well anywayz everything is checking out fine. so my dr. says, "just think they will soon be in color!" I turned and said, "wow you guys are getting color monitors." My dr. looked at me pretty strangly, I still hadnt gotten it, until my mom finally said, "the pictures you'll be taking when the baby is born." Oh man I turned so red I about died.


E - November 5

Cute story:) If I think of something, I will certainly post it. I am so scatterbrained I can't even remember my 4-number PIN for my ATM card. I have had this card for five years.


KM - November 5

LOL. funny


elle - November 7

that is a great story, gave me a good laugh


lora - November 8

when i was pg, my bf and i were in the grocery store. we were walking down the frozen foods aisle and i let one rip. it was so loud, but i couldn't help it. i tried to pa__s it off as it was the woman next to us because i was so embara__sed!


W - November 8

TO dez I would have said the same probably, so I think great minds think alike hee hee!!


Shannon - November 8

My "pregnancy brain" is bad....I went to target to buy a new belt and was having a hard time getting the thing to turn the right way....I announced to my husband and half of the store (in an annoyed tone) that it "must be a left handed belt!" then I figured it out! My husband just walked away laughing.


Kay - November 17

Lol. To Dez, that's actually a very cute story. It sounds like me without my morning coffee. To W, lol again. You could have blamed it on some old vegetables, too. And Shannon, lol. Everybody gets frustrated. Why would you need a belt when you are pregnant, though. Well, maybe one day I will have a funny or embarra__sing story to tell, like you lucky ladies.


Shannon - November 18

I'm only 7 weeks and my old belt was falling apart.


:-) - November 18

Okay, here's a cute little person story, so you'll know what you have to look forward to: my son was at home with me (about 3 or 4) and I told him I needed to go to the grocery store. He said "I don't wanna go to the grocery store!" So I said, "I really need to go" and he replys, "I DON'T WANNA GO TO THE GROCERY STORE!" I decide to try a new tack... "But honey, if you don't go to the grocery store with me, I'll be lonely." My son paused a minute, looking confused, and said "But mommy, you won't be lonely, there are LOTS of people at the grocery store!" I know, not a pregnancy story, but I thought I'd remind everyone of what comes after the pregnancy, and why all those embarra__sing pregnancy moments are worth it!!!!


vaugn - November 19

i was in the middle of my baby shower and my 5 yr old was in the roomwatching tv he was asking lots of questions whos birthday is it why does baby get a partyt before he gets here so i finally say its for mommy and he says oh so when are you going to take your shower and will all those people watch?


Sarah - November 19

My hormomes were really bad in the beginning... one day i got all my clothes out and they were all over the floor and i sat in the middle of the pile crying my eyes out saying "i dont have anything to wear!" (keep in mind that this was when i wasnt even showing yet!) haha


L - November 19

In the first trimester i found my cheese, covered in fuzz in my kithchen cupboard! Not a nice thing to discover when on the brink of vomiting to begin with!



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