Our Second Time

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John - May 2

My wife is pregnet again. Our first was entopic, sorry for the spelling, now this time around her systoms are stronger and she has done alittle spotting pink but mostly brown. We went to the doctor yesterday, he saw nothing in the uterius but said he did see something in the tube. But he wasnt sure if it was a cyst or the baby, it was 1 cm. He sent us off for another blood test. I 'm not sure how far along she is but a pregnet test was done on April 15 , that was possitive, and we tested neg on the april 12th. So I dont think she is that far along for the doctor to see anything. She has had problems in the past with cyst on the overies. The doc said that he gives us a 60 40 chance in our favor that everything is ok, which is better then last time. Anyone out there had something like this happen? Our last HGC test was last tuesday April 25 and it was 718. Please any help from anyone? Thanks and good luck with all your pregnet hopes. John


Stace - May 2

Hi John. Really sorry to hear about the ectopic. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2002 so I know where you are coming from. I'm sorry but if the doctor saw something in the tube but not the uterus then thats a case for concern that its another ectopic as an ectopic is usually located in one or other of the tubes. Having said that being 1cm in length is actually quite large for an ectopic and I'd be concerned that he's just sent you away, there is a possibility of rupture of the tube and early detection and treatment will enable the tube to be saved thereby protecting your wifes future ability to have children. Having the HCG bloods done is an excellent way of detecting whether or not its ectopic. The bloods are taken every two days and provided they keep doubling its indicative of it being a healthy interuterine pregnancy (in the right place). Sadly without knowing any other figures its impossible for me to say whether or not it sounds hopeful or not but I'm keeping everything crossed for you. What I will say is after an ectopic you have an 85% chance of going on to have a healthy normal pregnancy and I'm living proof of that. I keep everything crossed for you both and let us know the outcome.



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