Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

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JL - May 18

Hello. I have an ovarian cyst that was discovered via ultrasound a month before I conceived my baby. I am now 11 weeks pregnant. I had a ultrasound at 6 weeks, which showed that the baby was great, but the cyst had grown very very slightly. My doc wants me to have another ultrasound in two weeks to check on the cyst and see if it has grown any more. When I ask the doc if the cyst can threaten the pregnancy, I am told "no." But when I ask why he wants to monitor it, he is very vague and says that I should not get worried about something that might not even be a problem at all. Does anyone know what the risks are of having an ovarian cyst during pregnancy?


Carol - May 18

I had 5 ovarian cysts at the time that I got pregnant. I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and they were all gone. For the most part, I think that cysts are harmless during pregnancy unless they become too large. You also develop a corpus lytum cyst in ealry pregnancy which is what produced progesterone for the baby until the placenta develops and takes over - sometime after about 9 weeks. You can have problems if this doe snot go away after the placenta has taken over. Good LucK!


Stephanie - May 18

My friend Beckee had an ovarian cyst (that she did not know about) before she was pregnant. When she fell pregnant, her hormones caused the cyst to grow and once she had reached 12 weeks, she had to have surgery (through the lower abdomen) to have the cyst removed. When it was taken out, it was the size of a golf ball. She recovered and eventally went on to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. her doctor told her that in certain women, their hormones can cause the cysts to grow, so I suspect that is why your doctor is watching you closley. He/she probably does not want to scare you and is being vague for that reason. Good luck!


JL - May 19

Thanks for the info. I will just have to wait for this next ultrasound to see if it's growing.


Anna - May 19

From personal experience -- if it bursts, it is extremely painful. Also, if it twists, it could cut off blood flow to your ovary and cause damage.


Carol - May 19

Yeah, a burst cysts is very painful. I had one burst earlier this year and the had to take me to the ER because they thought is might be a burst appendix.


JL - May 21

Yikes! I wonder what they do if it bursts when you are pregnant though.....


shajuana - June 1

I am 16 weeks and I have an ovarian cyst. It started out small. My doctor monitered it every 2 weeks. It keeps geting bigger I go into surgery monday. I am nervous. i asked if my baby will be okay I was told it should. I know thats not enough. All I can do is put it in gods hands.


Jo - June 10

i have got two cysts that were found on my first scan at 12 weeks, they have both been constantly monitored and are very large, i did have the largest one drained but not fully the Dr wants to wait till baby is born to remove them. so close monitoring is the best suggestion in my opinion.


Jo - June 10

Sorry i should add that mine have grown to 23+ cms for the large one and about 10cms for the other and my Dr says this is rare.so try not too worry


to Anna - June 11

Did you have any other sign before it burst? Like a very heavy abdomen or a swollen stomach like you were pregnant? Nausea


kathleen - June 17

Hy i was wondering if you can help me. Im 27 yrs old these is my second pregnancy i have a cyst in my left ovary the measure of the cyst is 7.6 cm im too scare because im in a lot pain, sometimes even i can sleep well im in my 13 week and i want to know how was the surgery because my doctor tall me if he have to remove he have to remove between 14 to 24 weeks im scare because know i star felling pain in my rigth side o dont know it is the baby o another cyst is growing i have appoiment next week but i was thinking if you can help me. Thank you Kathleen


Audrea - June 19

I am 24 weeks and have PCOS and have known about it for years. It is a wonder that I even got pregnant with no fertility drugs in the first place. I have 20 cysts on one ovary and more on the other. I have had one to burst on me in the past and went into the ER thinking it might have been a kidney stone. It felts the same way for me, for I have had both. During my pregnancy I have not had any problems with the cysts, they do extra ultra sounds to monitor, but so far so good. No talk about having to have surgery to remove them. Just because you have a cyst does not mean you have to have surgery. It just depends on what your hormones do, and if they cause them to grow too large, or twist and cut off blood supply.


A. - June 20

Hello everyone. we have been ttc last month and i am waiting for my af to arrive on 22-24. i have veeery enrlarged b___sts with veins and constant dizziness. today the ultrasound discovered a cyst on my right ovary...do u think that dizziness can be caused by the cyst. the doctor said that it is highly unlikely but i wanted to ask you ladies to share your symptoms and if anybody experienced anything similiar...i am suspecting that i might be pregnant but now because of the cyst it is all very confusing...


ml - August 16

im 20 i been having a ovarian cyst in my right ovarie for 8 months and the doctors that i have gone to say that its a small cyst and that i shouldnt remove it that it will go away by it self, but im scare that in the future i wont be able to get pregnant because i never got the surgery to remove it, can someone suggest me what to do....


Tracy - August 16

Hello: When it comes to ovarian cysts, it really depends on what type it is. There are many different types, some are fluid filled and do tend to resolve on their own and disappear and some are solid or contain tissue and can either remain the same or grow to be quite large. I have PCOS (this syndrome often creates fluid filled cysts) but at the same time I had a solid right ovarian cyst removed in 1992 and another solid left ovarian cyst discovered in Dec/04 that is being monitored. I am now 11 wks pregnant and back in mid-June when my last cyst related u/s was done, it showed that the cyst had grown and my ob/gyn wanted to remove it (I didn't know I was pregnant yet) and I refused to have it removed because my husband and I were undergoing fertility treatments and everytime you have an abdominal surgery there is some risk of scarring to your tubes. Anyway, the risks my ob explained to me by not removing it is for it to get so large that the weight of it causes it to fall into your pelvis which causes torsion (twisting) of your fallopian tube. This is extremely painful, is an emergency, and requires surgery (most likely in this case you may lose your ovary and tube). However, by close monitoring, it can be watched prior to any issues arising, plus once again, if it is a fluid filled cyst than the likelihood of the above worst case scenario would be quite small I would think. Good luck.


ml - August 18

thank you for the information its really helpful. Hopefully it wont get bigger because the last time i went he said it use to be 2in and now its 1.6in but im having a lot of pelvic pressure. anyways ill have to wait for the next ultrasound to see if it grows.



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