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Sana - May 25

can anyone here explain ovarian cysts to me. My Doctor told me i have one by one of my ovaries but that it disappears after a few weeks and actually helps to maintain the pregnancy...i didn't get a chance to ask him more about it cause he said it was normal and well i trust him. But does anyone here know more about this and why exactly it may be a functional thing?


Tasha - May 26

An ovarian cyst is just a fluid filled sac that forms on the ovary. Most women get them but they never know because they disappear on their own (i have one now..lol...so i have been reading up on it). However I'm not sure how they help maintain the pregnancy! Sorry! :o)


Hayley - May 26

Hi Sana. A cyst always develops on the ovary to support the developing baby during the first few weeks of pregnancy. At about 12 weeks or it may be after that, the placenta will start to form and that will act as the life line to your baby. I think the cyst will then disappear. It's nothing to worry about.


Ann - June 21

Hi ladies, I was rushed to the hospital last Thursday due to a severe ab pain... after being in the ER for several hours they told me that i had a cyst of about 2cm... i went to me doc the next day and she said we just have to wait and see... also my dh and i are ttc ...does anyone know if the cysts is going to delay our effort to ttc... thank you for listenning and for any advice that you can provide....


Hayley - June 21

Hi Ann. In my experience having an ovarian cyst will definitely not delay your efforts in ttc. I had a few cysts removed from my left ovary in October last year. I found out the next month that I was pregnant. I think the operation proabably did me good in the fact that it cleaned up my ovary and made me super fertile (for the following 2 weeks at least anyway)! Good luck


Justine - June 21

Cysts often contain progesterone which helps maintain the pregnancy before the placenta takes over (around week 13). Cysts are common in pregnancy and often disappear at the end of the first trimester. Ovarian cysts are follicles (same as you produce each month before you get pregnant) that because you are already pregnant are called cysts instead of follicles. They're almost always nothing to worry about. Occa__sionally they get twisted and can cause severe pain but this is rare.


sonia - June 22

ovarian cyss kick out progesterone which helps sustain the pregnancy. I know because I have two large one's and am 5 weeks pregnant. They disintegrate on their own at about 12 weeks


Kylee - July 14

We have just started ttc. I was put on bc for cysts, and went off in April, so I was ready to ttc, when we were ready. I woke up yesterday with the pain in the side and lower back, and I am pretty sure its a cyst.......I know I am to early to test.....we just started the 9th.... if I was pregnant...which would only be a few days....would I be having pain already and having a cyst form?



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