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jal239 - April 18

My husband and I are planning on ttc in December of this year. I went to my gyno and she said that she would like to see my get down to a weight of 180. I know I am overweight, but I just haven't been able to get my mind into the game. I am fearful that I will still be overweight when I become pregnant. I was wondering if anyone out there has not been at a "normal weight" when they became pregnant. I realize that there are more health risks when being overweight, but I am trying. thanks!!!!


livdea - April 18

jal239 I think on the 2nd tri board there is a thread for "plus size and pregnant" check that out, I'm sure all those ladies would like to help! But it is so much healthier for you and baby to be at a lower weight, keep that baby on your mind and try to get/stay motivated! Good luck!


livdea - April 18

oh I fibbed, it's on this board, general questions!


MystinaAlise - April 18

i was at 250 when i conceived lost 20 lbs the first two months (didnt know i was preg) but i know once you get to a certain size it can be harder to conceive because of anovulation and other factors... my doctor has actually told me she doesnt want me going under 200 but she also doesnt want me gaining weight either... good luck ttc!!!


Celia - April 18

Hi Jal, I have been struggling with my weight for a couple years now and no matter what I did it just wouldn't come off. I couldn't seem to conceive either. I finally had a tumor removed off my thyroid in January and conceived 3 weeks later! My dr also wanted to see me lose some weight before getting pregnant but it just didn't happen. He doesn't want me gaining but maybe 15 pounds at the most but he doesn't seem worried about my weight causing a problem in this pregnancy. I've already lost 14 pounds due to morning sickness... not a fun way to lose weight (haha) Good luck!


Perl - April 26

My sister has been overweight pretty much all of her life. She had no problems getting pregnant and has 6 lovely children. When she had her first child she was probably around 220 pounds. For the rest of her pregnancies, she was closer to 350 or more pounds. There are definitely more health risks and extra precautions that have to be taken but that does not mean it is impossible. My sis has struggled with her weight all her life and now that her youngest are 5 and 8 years old she's doing stomach surgery to help try to control her weight. Because of her other ilnessess, there is a possibility she may not survive the surgery but without it, she's already been told she will not live a very long life. If you are only a few pounds away (30 or so) close to 180 and an average height then you're not that overweight and losing the weight in 8 months is definitely do-able. If you lose just 1 pound per week you will have lost about 30 pounds before December starts. Since you're not planning to ttc until December, that gives you plenty of time to get your weight under control. If you lose any amount of pounds or at the very least maintain your weight and make sure you don't gain any more then you'll know you are in control of your weight. Don't be like my sister who let her weight get way out of control to the point that Dr's had to tell her to lose weight or she will die soon and leave 6 children without a mother. I wish my sister's doctors had been firm with her and encouraged her to lose the weight before she had her children. We're all worried that she may not survive surgery and leave them orphaned. I'm sharing my sister's dilemma not to scare you but to let you know that now's your chance, take your doctor's advice and do as much as you can to ensure you're as healthy as can be. But know that even if you don't lose the weight it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have a tough time getting pregnant either--you're just better off.


Perl - April 26

Yikes sorry that was so long. . . .your message struck a chord with me because I'm so concerned with my sis right now. But you, jal329, are in a good position right now to make a small change for the best!! You can do this and you will be alright!


pania - April 26

Hi, my sister was very over weight with all three of her pregnancies, she suffered from toximia with one of them, but other than that, there were no complications. Although one of my best friends also carried three children very over weight, it wasnt untill her third pregnancy that she suffered a stroke and was hospitilised for 4 months. Her and her baby boy are very happy and healthy today. Hope this helps!


CKSAN - April 27

I was 215 when I got pregnant with my first. I ate healthy and exercised during the entire pregnancy, and I have to admit it was a smooth and EASY pregnancy. I gained 30 lbs, but lost it all within 3 weeks after the baby was born. This time around I started at 230, and lost a bit at the beginning. I am at 228 now at 17 weeks. Everything is going well. I am still exercising. I really do think that makes a big difference.


sandra-c - April 29

hi girls. i am also overweight and have had problems with yo-yo dieting all my adult life. I am 34 years old and my periods and ovulation seemed to stop for months. I thought it was impossible to get pregnant. However, I found out a few weeks ago that I AM pregnant - now around 7 weeks. I have lost quite a few pounds just cos I am not eating much and being sick a lot. The doc was not concerned about my weight problems just told me to try and eat healthy, try and keep active etc, so hopefully I wont have any problems. If you are able to lose some weight before you get pregnant it will only benefit you and the baby. Good luck!!


sandra-c - April 29

oh - i forgot to say that the doctor also told me that if you are overweight before pregnancy you wont actually gain as much weight as a woman who is a normal weight.


lovemy3 - April 29

hi there I have 3 children and am overweight and contemplating ttc for #4. I am also working on bringing my weight down. Unfortunately being overweight is a much bigger risk factor. With my first I was about 80 lbs overweight and developed preeclampsia and had seizures and was very sick and almsot died. With my second 6 six years later I lost 60 lbs and still got a very mild form of preeclampsia and was just fine. With my third I was about somewhere in between and I developed gestational diabetes. So unfortunately it does make a difference. my weight is higher now and I am worried myself. I will be 37 this year and time is ticking on. It is such a struggle and so hard to lose. I also had c-sections and I think my weight contributed to that as well. They also say that obesity increases your chances of having neural tube defects in your baby althoughy my kids were all healthy. I needed to go to a high risk clinic for each. I'm sorry this isn't more positive, this is just my experience. I also know it is harder to concieve while overweight as your hormones are sometimes out of whack. In any case keep trying to lose the weight, I know how hard it is. I also have lived it and still do, but I knowfrom experience it can make for some pretty high risks pregnancies, with possible stroke a very real thing. When I concieved I had no other health issues at all. My bp was great everything was fine except for the weight and pregnacies brought everything out. After each pregnacy everything went back to being good again but the time during pregancy almost killed me. Hope all works out. take care and good luck.


Tess - April 29

hi jal239! I was 180 lbs during my pre-pregnancy weight :D so nothing is impossible. Im currently 37 wks pg and expecting our 1st child *baby girl* I got pg w/ the help of clomid (fertility pills) I know weigh 210 lbs (gained 30 lbs w/ this pregnancy) Sooooooo worth it. Dont lose hope.


oz - April 29

If your gyno has suggested losing a bit a weight i think you probably should think about it. I know what it its like and its not easy to diet. I have lost about 8kg and still want to lose another few kilos before we ttc. Im just a few kilos over the healthy weight range scale but the fact is im still over it. I believe there can be no better motivator to try and lose weight than knowing your doing it for your health and the health of your future child. Goodluck xx



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