Overweight And Pregnancy

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Judy - April 18

Hi, My husband and I are thinking of trying to concieve in the next couple of months, so we have been trying to eat healthy, get regular exercise, and take pre-natal vitamins. But I am overweight and have been for my entire life, can I still have a normal healthy pregnancy?


Billie - April 18

A friend of mine was also overweight when she conceived and she has also been overweight her whole life. Her pregnancy was fine except for the last 3 weeks. She got pre-eclampsia and had to be induced. She ended up having a c-section. Her and her son are doing great 2 years later!!


sheena - April 19

Hi! I am 20 years old just got married and really thinking of having a baby! I love my husband and i know he is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with.I am very overweight i weigh 250 and 5'8 tall.I dont know what i should do.I do not want to have weight complications but i want a baby now.I am also worried about what my mom eill think becuase iam so young in her eyes.I am going to try to lose 25 to 30 pounds before i have the baby.If you do that then it may work good for you also.Whatever you decide iam sure it will be the right decision.My doctor told me it would not hurt me to have a baby at my weight!


A - April 19

I have known lots of overweight people to have healthy, normal pregnancy. You are just at a higher risk to develop complications, that all. Nothing says you will. For example, my sister-in-law is probably over 100 lbs overweight and has had 6 healthy pregnancies.


Mary - April 19

I am also overweight by about 75 lbs - being overweight can have some complications like gestational diabetes, and stuff like that. However, I am 3 and 1/2 months pregnant and everything is fine. My doctor is not worried at all about my weight. Also, it is known that overweight women in general gain less weight during pregnancy - my doctor estimated that I should again about 15 lbs. Just remember to eat healthy and exercise - even walking 2 miles 3 to 5 times per week is awesome. Do not let your weight stop you from getting pregnant!


Foxy - April 19

Being overweight can make it harder and sometimes impossble to conceive. It's best to try to lose some before you get pregnant because you will put on tons more weight with pregnancy.


rachel - April 19

Your doctor will be the one to check with, but generally, you will be fine. Most women are just fine. You will be at a higher risk for complications, but chances are- you will be fine. And you will not gain "tons of weight" when you are pregnant. You are encouraged to gain no more than 15-25 pounds while you are overweight and pregnant. Just monitor closely with your doctor.


rachel - April 19

When I got pregnant, it was the first try of TTC. I was 214 pounds. I went in for my 18 week check up today and I have gained 4 pounds total and she said everything was "Perfect." So, God willing, everything will be fine. Good luck!


sheena - April 21

I decided to have a baby in a few months i am going to start trying iam 20 and weigh 250 but doc says its ok


P - April 21

I was 207 when I conceived and 253 when I had my c-cestion (she was transverse breech - nothing to do with weight). I had no weight a__sociated problems during my pregnancy at all. Quinn was 7lbs 4oz and I was up and walking around as soon as I could feel my legs again. It's been six weeks and I've lost 30lbs and I feel great. I know plenty of thin women who suffered much more with a regular v____al birth. My best friend and my sister are both quite a bit bigger than me and both conceived with no problems and gave birth without problems either. I think it depends on the individual and not the scale. Good luck.


C - April 22

yup! i did it. i have lost all the weight now, but i was very heavy before i got pregnant. weight watchers rules!


Judy - April 22

Thank you for all the feedback!



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