Overweight And Wanting A Baby

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anniebannie - May 8

I'm 27 years old and my husband and I really want to start a family. One problem I'm overweight(obese) and have type 2 diabetes along with high blood pressure.. I'm sure you are all thinking she better lose weight... I know I know and I'm trying, but it's so hard.. Does anyone have any advice for me???


Steph - May 8

Have you talked to your doctor or a nutritionist about a strict food diet along with the appropriate amount of exercise? I would think that given your circ_mstances, HBP and Type 2 Diabetes that you should not get pregnant at the moment. Really try and work on getting yourself in shape and loosing some weight so that you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy that does not cause issues for you or your baby. Good luck to you!


frankschick2001 - May 8

I used to be overweight and then had gastric bypa__s surgery. This is not the answer for everyone, but it was for me. It might be something you'd want to consider. I am now a healthy weight, my periods became regular as soon as I started losing. If you get pregnant in the present state that you are in, I am afraid you might have lots of problems that can be avoided? I'm sorry if I sound negative. But diabetes and high blood pressure are already big enough issues with women who are not overweight, so for you, it might send you right into a high-risk category. Consider the weight loss surgery. I NEVER regretted it.


mommy2be27 - May 8

Last year, around this time, I weighed 245lbs.... tiredof being extremely overweight I went on a very, very strict diet. A small bowl of cereal in the morning, a turkey sandwich on 35 calorie bread for lunch, and a lean cuisine meal for dinner. If I absolutely needed a snack it was an apple or a 1000 calorie snack pack. I had no more than 1000 calories a day, usually more like 800. I also worked out 4 days a week at the gym on a treadmill and stair stepper, 30 minute sessions. I drank only diet coke or water, and I took a one a day vitamin. This is unhealthy. I do not suggest or recommend it, it is my story. From April to August (4 months) I lost 80 pounds. Starting in September I started getting more tired and more hungry. I took it as a sign my body needed a break. I gained 20 pounds. In December I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant. I am now back to my original weight, with 7 more weeks to go. Personal experience, once again not medical advice... NOT RECOMMENDED. Yet, I do believe your body tells you when you are on the right track with a diet and what works. I felt really good during my period of dieting until September. Oh, and my husband and I had tried for 5 years to get pregnant. I thought I was infertile, since he had a daughter from a previous marriage. So my little guy was a huge surprise. Good Luck


CyndiG - May 8

anniebannie, I can totally sympathize with you! I am 29 weeks pregnant. I weighed 242 when I got pregnant, I've only gained 9 lbs but I've been trying really hard to be good! Anyway, my blood pressure has been high the entire pregnancy. I wasn't anywhere near this weight with my first daughter and I didn't have any problems. You just really need to talk to your dr. about conceiving. You want to be as healthy as possible for your baby, but you can be "overweight" and pregnant at the same time! Just do everything your dr. tells you to do. Especially because you have diabetes! Good Luck!



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