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AshleeNW - June 7

I'm sad to say that I'm 21 and I don't know how to figure out when my ovulation time is. I'm confused. For one thing, I've never been regular with my menstral cycle. I know that I had one last month, but I can't remember WHEN. It's usually the LAST week of the month, or the FIRST week of the next month. I'm really wanting to know because my husband was home on leave (in the army) and we tried to get pregnant within the 10 days he was home. He's going to Afghanistan on the 17th of this month. Here's the thing.... 3 days after he was home (the 27th of this last month) I started to spot. But that was it... light pink and only 2-3 days on and off. I just don't know what it all means! Someone help... thank you.


Betul - June 7

Hi Ashlee, generally your ovulation will occur 14 days before your next period is due. But since your cycle is not regular (mine never was too), probably the best thing for you to do is use an ovulation prediction kit around the approx. time you would ovulate. Also, I know your husband will be leaving in a few days but you might want to start charting your cycles and watch for fertility signs (cervical mucus, temperture rise, etc...)so that you will be able to tell each month when you are ready to ovualte and therefore increase your chances at pregnancy. A great book to read which explains all this in detail is "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler.


kimholl28 - June 9

I use the ovulation calander method. Generally these calanders don't work well with irregular cycles, but I use Preggers Conception Planner, this works well for me and my cycles range from 30 days to 45 days. I have never been able to tell when I ovulate but, I have charted for 6 months now and for the last 2 months this chart calculated exactly when my period would start. This is amazing as I never have a clue and I used ovulation test when it said I would ovulate and got a positive. Hope this is my month. You can download for free.



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