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mom_baby - February 9

Does a woman with 28 days cycle ovulate always on the same day? I mean, if somebody ovulates on the 15th day of a cycle, will that repeat for every cycle ? (in other words, does the ovulation day differ for every cycle ?) hope somebody could answer this..


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 9

Ovulation usually occurs 12-14 days after you have had a period...for me, I had a 30 day cycle and I always ovulated the same time and I knew when I would ovulate, it was always 16 days from the first day I started my period. with a 28 day cycle they say 12-14 days...to be sure find a site that tells you when your most fertile days are and get a general idea of the day you will ovulate. Usually you ovulate the same time every month with a regular cycle. Its when you have irregular cycles when it is hard to tell when you ovulate


Rekcus - February 9

Damn those irregular cycles!! I would a__sume that someone with a regular cycle would ovulate on or about the same day.


lovemy3 - February 10

Ovulation occurs "usually" 14 days BEFORE you have a period. Therefore it is often hard to figure out. For instance, one month you may not ovulate till cd20 and then get your period on cd34. Your luteal phase, the second half on your cycle is always within a couple of days the same each month. The time from when you ovulate till yuor period arrives is called the luteal phase and like I said it is always pretty much the same, give or take a day or two. But the time from your period till you ovulate can be different each month. Some months you may ovulate on cd12 or cd18. Most often women have regular peiods so basically they know when they will ovulate. but in situations of stress,illness or no known reason ovulation is delayed and therefore they have a longer cycle that month. This month I ovulated on cd 14 but last month was cd21. My period is usually between 28 and 35 days. I use an ovulation predictor kit and judging from when I ovulate I can also see when my period will arrive. So, remember its not from when your period starts, you ovulate so many days PRIOR to it starting. Thats why its tricky to figure out, you don't know whe n your period will start, it all depends on when yuo ovulate that month. Your luteal phase remains constant as your follicular phase can change. Hope this helps.


Anathi - February 12

I also could not but with femta I could


mom_baby - February 12

guess why I asked that question. I conceived on the sixteenth day of my 28 day cycle. I am trying to guess the s_x of my baby.


Appie - February 17

mom_baby just curious how you are trying to figure that out as I just had a positive hpt and I know the day I should have ovulated which would have been the 14th day of my cycle.


mom_baby - February 24

Appie, I am having a boy !! (according to my ultrasound tech.) :-)



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