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JustStartingOut - March 2

Can someone please tell me how to calculate when you are going ovulate. I keep reading 14 days before your next period and 12-14 after your period has already started. It seems like each web site i visit says a different thing. Can anybody suggest any websites or books on it?


Martha31 - March 2

Hi there:) I like babycenter.com good luck!!!:)


sososleepy - March 2

Hi JustStartingOut. If you're serious, and you WANT to know, here's your game plan. Get graph paper, or make your own (ruler and paper or microsoft excel and shade the borders), a decent thermometer (I had a digital that had one digit after the . , then dh (dear husband) got me a digital basal with 2 digits, so for example my temp this am was 98.24 and if you can afford it ( or if you have a DollarTree store nearby, that's where I get them) pick up some opk's (ovulation prediction kits) which test a hormone (LH) in your urine. bbt (basal body temperature): every am before you do, say, drink, or eat anything, stick your thermometer under your tongue (in the same place each time, so pick a spot you'll remember half asleep) and leave it there for several minutes. Write down your temp. Write it down every day. Depending on how long your cycle is (see directions in kit, or read a bunch of them online ), start using the opk (pee on the stick, or in a cup and use enclosed dropper to apply to test as directed) about 6 to 10 days into your cycle every afternoon to identify your LH Surge. They will usually show a line, you're looking for the line as dark as or darker than the test line (and if you get the bottom half of the line positive as I did, roll with it like it's +). After your period (af as in aunt flow), with clean hands, start checking your cm (cervical mucus). You'll go from damp, when you rub it between your finger and thumb it's just wet, perhaps a bit sticky, to more and more creamy, slippery, and stretchy. As it increases, you're approaching your ovulation (O). 12 to 36 hours before you ovulate, your LH (OPK) should go positive. Right around that time your cm will stretch the most - as in when you get a nice glob of it and rub it once between your finger and thumb to get it stuck on, then separate your finger and thumb. It will stretch between them, and stretch really far when it's most fertile, multiple times. If it's s____n, it won't stretch more than a few times. I don't have so much, so I have to reach to my cervix to really check it well, but I check cp (cervical position) for how high/ low and open it is too, so that works for me. Now let's put all that together: Your egg is available for a sperm to find it for only 12 to 24 hours after you ovulate. Sperm normally live 2 to 3 days in you (count on 2 for ttc), and that's only if they encounter hospitable cm (which is available near O, how convenient :) You're looking to pinpoint your O as near as possible, so you'll find your most fertile days and bd (baby dance) every day or every other day at that time. The LH tells you it's coming; start then. The cm confirms the LH findings so you feel better about it, and so you can wean off the LH tests (if it takes a few months) after you learn to tell when your cm is best, and confirm that with the LH test as it's more reliable for ttc (trying to conceive). Your bbt lets you know that you did ovulate, and helps pinpoint when. When you chart, cd1 (cycle day 1) is the first day you bleed (a spot or two does not count as cd1). On cd1 your temp is either down or dropping. Then it stays (mostly, one or two odd temps don't count) below a cover-line that you'll see more easily after you've charted a cycle. After you ovulate (and how long depends on the person, right away or over the next day or two or three) your temp goes up .4 to .6 degrees F, and stays up compared to your temps before you ovulated. If it stays up for 18 days, consider yourself pg (pregnant), but test to confirm. Otherwise, it will drop right when (within a day or two) your period starts. You should be able to draw a line across the graph (chart) you make of your temps, and see that the pre o temps are below the line, and the post O temps above it (mostly). The combination of bbt, cm, and opk's on the same chart let you zone right in on when you most likely O'd to within a day or so. You want to bd the 3 days before you O, the day you O, and for giggles, the day after (if dh is still up to it).


sososleepy - March 2

The 14 days is for a woman with a normal 28 day cycle. Most of us are earlier or later and have different cycle lengths. The first part of your cycle, before you ovulate, changes from girl to girl. Once you ovulate, the last part of your cycle tends to be right in the 13 to 15 day area. Look up luteal and follicular phase.


JustStartingOut - March 2

Thank you so much for your help. I think i might be pregnant already, If not then i will start getting supplies together for my next cycle. again thank you so much!


Rena - March 3

sososleepy, that was very good advice and information i will take everything you said into mind very good knowledge i am also trying i am using the opks and i can't seem to find the right day when i use them not worry i have all this information you have given so fingers crossed, thanks also!!


sososleepy - March 3

Hi Rena. I use the Dollar Tree OPK's. I just did one today on cd3 because I was curious. It's the first one I got with control but nothing on the test line. I started them after mc, trying to pinpoint O to ttc again... If you have a $T nearby, they're a dollar each so you can test more. Take how long your cycle is, figure the after O part is 12 to 15 days, subtract that from your cycle to see how long the first part is, and you can test about 6 or 7 days before the first part ends to try to pinpoint O. This time I'll test every 2 days to see when the lines start to show thin because I'm curious... but as soon as I get cm that's more creamy, less sticky, I'll test daily...



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