Ovulation Time Frame To Get Pregnant

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ma2aiden - June 3

normally i feel myself ovulate every month, except for my last two cycles and its driving me crazy... does anyone know what the chances are of getting pregnant shortly after ovulation?? (like w/i a day or so??) i've read that you still can get pregnant anywheres from 24-48 hours after, but not sure what to believe... has anyone gotten pregnant this way?? my problem is that my dh's work schedule is very unpredictable w/ overtime shifts and unfortunately our timing isn't always on target - i guess i'm just trying to have wishful thinking :)


Betul - June 3

Once you ovulate you can concieve within the next 24 hours, Ideally 12 hours. The egg only survives for a max of 24 hours after ovulation. If you know ahead of time when you are going to ovulate (charting, fert_tlity signs, or ovualation prediction kits) time your bding before you ovulate. You can have s_x 3 days before ovulation and still conceive (sperm live up to 72 hours).


Been There - June 3

Well, you don't actually have to have s_x the day you ovulate. It's good to have sperm sitting there and waiting prior to ovulation. Sperm can live up to 5 days. So if you start prior to ovulation, you could still get pregnant. My doctor said after you ovulate is a little late for the deposit becuase the sperm needs time to swim to the destination. I'm no expert, but having gone through trying to get pregnant two separate times for two years each, I've done a lot of reading and asking questions.


ma2aiden - June 3

thanks for the input - i am usually on schedule at 12 days for ovulation and usually can feel it every time (but for some reason these last two cycles have been different) - however i went to the docs for follicle monitoring and my levels and she said that i should be ovulating in the next couple of days (i should've been technically day 12 when i went in) - its just driving me crazy not knowing when i ovulated since i'm usually so on cue with it... unfortunately no matter how hard i try to be prepared ahead of time prior to ovulation, i can never depend on my dh being around - he's a fireman and his shifts vary depending on o/t etc... we had s_x on sunday (day 10) and again yesterday which i'm hoping wasn't too late... i usually don't have a problem getting pregnant (i've had 3 m/c & 1 successfull pregnancy and got pregnant each time i tried) - but now w/ his job, things aren't always as i plan :( lets just hope that i get very lucky ;) i'll keep you posted and again, thanks for your help!



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