Ovulation Cm Or

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Holly - May 3

Hi, my hubby and I had s_x on Sunday, he did c_m inside of me (We are trying!!) and yesterday I had what looks exactly like egg white cervical fluid come out of me. Since my cycles are so irregular I'm really not sure when I ovulate. Anyway sorry to make this so long but has anyone ever seen c_m turn into that the next day or do you think I ovulated? Please Help!!!!!!


Maleficent - May 3

s____n turns watery afterwards. what you're describing sounds like ovulation. there is a fantastic book called "taking charge of your fertility" that i highly recomend to anyone trying to get pregnant. maybe this attempt did the trick for you, good luck!


Holly - May 3

Maleficent - Thank you so much! I thought It would be ovulation, I guess we have been trying for so long now that I am in denial. I will have to get that book today! Thanks again!


TehProgamer - May 3

having a CM looking like egg whites means that you're at the peak of your fertility for that cycle... CM turns from lotion-like white (fertile) into egg white (super fertile :P) then into cloudy discharge (sperm wont live long in these conditions) So ur question is if u did ovulate? Maybe... But sperm will deinitely last inside you while having that CM, average is 3 days, some cases lasted 5-7 days


Holly - May 4

Thanks TehProgamer, I'm not sure if it was ovulation or if s____n turns into that stringy consistency like egg white cm. after being up there for a while. Sorry this is so graphic! I guess we will find out sooner or later!


tehProgamer - May 4

no proble, just keep us informed through this thread on the developments of your case


Becky - May 4

So if you see EWCM, does that mean you are about to ovulate... or that you already have? I had a HUGE glob yesterday afternoon, so we BD'd. But I haven't had any since (nor before in this cycle). I usually have at least two days of it.... maybe it all decided to come at once, cause it was sure more than I had ever seen!!! It would have freaked me out if I didn't know what it was.


tehProgamer - May 4

having it means you are on your MOST fertile part of your cycle, you maybe ovulating or WOULD BE ovulating within 2-3 days



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