Ovulation Prediction Kits

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~kat~ - May 8

ive been ttc for 5 months,no luck as yet! ive never used an opk....does anyone recomend them? have you gotten pregnant after using one,or do you think they are a waste of money and i should just bd aroung 14th day more than usual....any advice would be great,thanks!


stacey - May 8

How long is your cycle? You tend to ovulate 14 days before your period. I would try an opk until you get to know your cycle(do you do anything like temp?) I temp and bought the clear blue monitor- had trouble with opk's couldn't tell if they were pos or nearly pos. Plus it remembers your cycle from cycle to cycle. It's my first cycle using it so we'll see!


~kat~ - May 9

my cycle is 28 days,ive never done temp before just bd more around the 14 day mark! maybe i will get one next month.as im on day12 at the moment so might just stick with the bd everyday for now.


Christy - May 9

YES!!! We tried for 4.5 years to concieve. We used many different methods, including medical inervention. We had tried several rounds of fertility drugs in combination with charting my temp. every day. We could never seem to get our timing right. With the fertility drugs, I was having a 28-29 day cycle. So we were always very active from day 12-15 to make sure. It wasn't until we used an ovulation kit that we realized that I was not ovulating unlit day 17-18! We were completely missing the mark! We used it for two months in combination with the fertility drug and we concieved the second time we used it! I'm now 5.5 months! It was worth every penny! If you have ovulation problems, like me, they even make a kit that you can reuse every month. It's a little pricey, but compared to buying one every month for several years, it's well worth it! But for us, we just had to use the otc version. It will also give your doctor helpful information about your body. I have a friend who has a period every 28 days but does not ovulate. The kit will let you know!!!


~kat~ - May 9

thanks christy,i will be getting one after what you said! congratulations on your pregnancy.


~kat~ - May 10

anyone else? ive just brought a clearblue ovolation test,done the first ne today(day 13 of my cycle)not ovulating yet!


claire - May 11

i would like to know more about this aswell.


eli - July 8

period of pregnancy


stacey - July 8

I wrote that I bought the Clear Blue Monitor..well, it didn't work the first ccycle, but I just finished my 2nd cycle using it and I am pregnant!!! So, I'd def. invest in it. It's $200, and the sticks are $50, but was def. worth it for me to get pregnant after 2 mos. of using it! :)


KrisD - July 8

We used the clear blue monitor, too.... And we got pregnant the first month (after being unsuccessful for so long!). It is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend it! They are expensive, but we bought a brand new one on eBay (not used - never buy a used one!) and it was a little cheaper.


Amy - July 8

Kat i pg the 1st month we used them the $19 was worth my money!!


E - July 8

You can buy them on eBay, sealed and unexpired for half the price. That is what I did. Use keywords - Clearblue or EPT.



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