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CarrieM - February 3

I am sort-of new with figuring out ovulation and the charting(bbt)... Today is day 13 of my mc, and I usually have a 30 day cycle. So, all afternoon I have been feeling an ache below my stomach... It sort-of hurts when I sit the wrong way... It almost feels like the start of my period.. But, I know it is way to soon for that... Could what I am feeling be ovulation? The thing that does not line up is there is no egg white mucus, and I had a neg opk earlier today... Please either let me know what you think or tell me what it feels like for you during ovulation. Thank you!!


Naomi98 - February 3

Hi Carrie, some people do get slight cramps or twangs when they ovulate. But the only sure way to know if you've ovulated is when you see a temperature rise on your chart. I think the pee on a stick opk's are a bit of a scam - they don't work for everybody - certainly not for me. Also ewcm doesn't always correspond exactly to the day of ovulation. It can be a little earlier or a little later - I usually notice it the day before I ovulate but not on the day of ovulation itself. Just keep charting your BBT and keep doin' the baby-dance til you get a temp rise! Good luck!


CarrieM - February 4

Ok, so yesterday I was experiencing some pains that felt like ovulation. Today, I have egg wcm... Does that mean I already ovulated and I am done.... or I should keep bd'ing.... The thing is my opk is still showing negative.... Can anyone give me some advice...


Naomi98 - February 4

Did I misunderstand - are you charting? If not, you should keep bd'ing til cd18, every day or every other day. I have an irregular cycle but when it's 30 days I don't ovulate til cd17 or cd18. So to be sure just keep going til then. Buy yourself a bbt thermometer and take temps for 2-3 months - if your cycle is regular you'll learn pretty quickly when you ovulate.


CarrieM - February 4

Hi. Thank you for the feed-back.. Yes I am charting.. I am not all that dedicated to taking my temp at the same time every morning. I sometimes get up late or forget.... The reason why I am so confused is, because I figured that I would O around the 17th day of my cycle too... I thought I was O today, because I had ewcm for a small part of the day... I find it very hard to tell the difference between ewcm and cervical mucus from bd'ing... hahha I know tmi...... My 2nd question was not worded very well... What I wanted to know is when you see the ewcm and when your temp rises does that mean you have already ovulated or you are in the process of Ovulation?


Naomi98 - February 5

Carrie, like I said ewcm doesn't always correspond exactly to the day of ovulation. it's just an indication that you're at the most highly fertile few days in your cycle (some people get ewcm after they ovulate - go figure). When your temperature rises, it means you ovulated the day before. So for example if you get a decent rise on cd18 and it stays up, it means you ovulated on cd17 - but you can still get one last baby dance in for good measure!


Naomi98 - February 5

PS I'm useless at taking temps at the same time but it doesn't seem to affect the pattern very much - I can still see a clear biphasic pattern to my cycles so I wouldn't stress too much if your temping isn't too regimented!



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