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klove21 - June 25

I just started trying to get pregnant and I'm really confused on this whole ovulation cycle stuff. I bought a basal therm. and have started tracking my temp. but every single day is off. They say that it should remain constant and it'll jump slightly when it's the best time to try. Is there an easier way to figure this out? I just had an irregular period, so I'm confused on when to try and track that too!!


clindholm - June 26

I never did the temping, for me it was to confusing. I used ovulation predictor kits. You basically pee on a stick and it will tell you when you are due to ovulate. Try looking up Natural Family Planning, that teaches several ways to determine when you are fertile. You may have a few irregular periods since you have just come off bc. You can also try Fertility Friend that will track your cycles and email you a tutorial. Good luck.


pnutt29 - June 26

I practice NFP, or Natural Family Planning and that would be a good resource for you! But with the temps, they won't be exactly the same every morning... they will vary, but what you're looking for is a fairly big jump in temps - like 97.3 to 97.7 or higer. It can be confusing, but if you can look up the different methods, I think that will help you a lot. Just make sure you take your temp at the same time each morning, right when you get up... a change it time makes a difference. Good luck!


MelissaP - June 29

clindholm made a good suggestion- go to fertility friend dot com. You can enter in all of your data: temps, moods, cervical mucous, when you had intercourse, etc. Once you put in data for a few cycles..it will start pinpointing your ovulation days and tell you how long your luteal phase is(the frame of time after you ovulate to when you start your period). You should take a look! Ovulation predictor kits are also very helpful and they do not cost much =)



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