Ovulation Time

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JJ - December 2

my last period was the 21st of november it is now the 2nd of december...should i be ovulating now and try to conceive or is it too sonn


Reb - December 2

I'd really recommend the over the counter ovulation predictor kits. They make store brands now. They'll let you know for sure if you are about ovulate.


JJ - December 2

anyone know if now is the time


lynn - December 4

first day of last period, was 11/18/04, had s_x on 11/23, and again on 11/30 what are the chances of pregnancy? and which date? today is 12/4


Nancy - December 4

If you have 28 day cycles you should ovulate around the 4th which is today.


JJ - December 4

i have read that sperm can live a few day inside a females body under the right conditions so if i had s_x on the 2nd and 3rd there is a chance the sperm can fertalize the egg....is this correct or not?


Auntie Emm - December 7



JJ - December 8

anyone else


r - December 8

If you are on a 28 day cycle you should be ovulating. The egg 24hrs to fertilize, but the sperm lasts for about 48 hours in a female. The way we did it was try and have s_x every 2-3 days so the sperm count is high and since it lasts in you at least 48 hours you always have sperm for when you are fertilizing. Good luck!


r - December 8

sorry...at the very end I meant to say you will have sperm for when you are ovulating.


Missy - December 8

Generally a woman begins ovulation 12-14 days after the 1st day of the last period. Sperm can live for up to 72 hours so if you are trying to get pregnant you should have s_x every other day during your ovulation time. Ovulation can also take place 3 times a month so I would also recommend getting an ovulation kit to help you. Good luck


cheryl - December 8

you definately could be. Most women ovulate between the 9th and 18th day after men. cyc. my doctor told me to have s_x between the 9th & 18th day and I am now 2Months preg. Lokk for signs like cervical fluid. Once again I recc. the book "taking charge of your fertility" by Toni weschler.


JJ - December 9

thanks you guys...if my cycles are like 30 days does the same 14 days after af still apply


Nick - December 9

No you should be counting 14 days before your next period. I counted back to about December 7th which was Tuesday, so I would say this week is your best bet, but you should be using an ovulation kit to be sure.


pp - April 13

my last period was the 30th of march,and my cycle is around 32 to 33 days, when is my ovulation


ashley - April 21

how do you know when the best times of the month are to try to concieve?


merhaywelday - August 14

can pregnancy take place during ovulation



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