Ovulation With Nagative Opk

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AmaSmith - May 25

I'm curious to know what the possiblities are to ovulate with negative OPKs. I took Clomid CD 5-9 and didn't start temping until CD 14. Wasn't going to start until the new cycle but decided to start now and get use to doing it. Anyways, I'm wondering if maybe I ovulated on CD 14. I had a temp of 97.1 on CD 14 followed by 97.4, 97.6, 97.6, 97.5, 97.7, and then today 97.5. Since I didn't temp before that I have know real idea of what it going on. Somebody just let me know what you think. PLEASE!!


AmaSmith - May 26



AmaSmith - May 26

I'm seriously not trying to be a PEST here butdoes anyone have any thoughts?? Today I temp was 98.


trinadan - May 27

i have been ttc for 4 month and i never once got a positive opk and last month i tested twice a day for over 2 weeks. and i got my BFP this morning , so i think that they just don't work for some people... i was freaking out about the opk's to, and i asked the same thing on thsi forum and i had a few women say that they never got a positive opk either and conceived just fine...


AmaSmith - May 27

Thanks Trina!! That makes me feel a LOT better!! Thanks again!!


kelley32 - May 28

I never had a + OPK either, and I got pg. Good luck!


AmaSmith - May 28

Thanks Kelley!! If I did ovulate on the 14th then that makes me 9dpo. I'm not sure if I ovulated on CD14 or CD18 so I've got a few more days to go before I know something. THANKS AGAIN!!


SashaP - May 29

Sometimes it's the brand of opk. I have only 1 brand that will give me a true +. The only one that works for me is Answer Brand I tried Clearblue easy and Dollar Tree brand but never got a + it's a good thing that I was using 2 brands in 1 cycle. Plus I did bbt on top of that you can go on fertilityfriend.com and track on there it's a nice website. I hope this helped. Good luck!


AmaSmith - May 29

Thanks Sasha. The Answer brandis actually the one I was using. I'm also doing BBT. By my chart I DID ovulate. I just can't tell if it was on CD14 or CD18. Well, I'm either 6dpo or 10dpo and will know something soon. Thanks Again.



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