Pacifiers Peacemakers Or Troublemakers

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BBK - July 19

Greetings! I'm on a night shift for watching our newborn, so I thought I'd ask this question...I've read countless articles, blogs debates..... you name it, about pacifiers. I still can't say I'm leaning towards either side..... I have no clue why, but it is a hot topic. What do you think about them from your experiences? Are they OK as a last resort?


Jamie - July 19

Since I'm currently expecting #1, I don't have personal experience...I do know that my parents used them on my two younger brothers, but not on me or my older brother. I've been told that they actually are good for a baby's mouth, as the sucking produces more saliva, which helps keep baby's mouth germ-free.


melissa - July 19

I used one with my son, he is now 2. it helped me tremendously, fortunatly me son gave up the pacifier on his own at about 6 months.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 19

We use one with our baby. It was recommended by the doctor as it helps them build better sucking skills and it helps prevent SIDS. I think pacifiers are a wonderful thing. It is so much easier to get rid of a pacifier than a thumb or fingers. We give hers to her after a bottle and when she sleeps. Good luck in your journey. I think you should read more about the pros and cons online and decide which is better for your family. We decided it was worth it!


E - July 19

Peacemakers, but in moderation:) Aja occasionaly uses a pacifier. BTW - congrats BBK!!! My in-laws are still in town so I can't chat long, but I am looking foward to an update from you soon.


E - July 19

Also, I have to say that Baby Einstein is officially a peacmaker as well. It is amazing what you will do to have 20 minutes to shower/clean/cook. They don't sit through it until ~ the 3 month mark.


BBK - July 19

Thanks ladies. I was not as concerned about the getting rid of it part as much as the "nipple confusion" and "diminished b___stfeeding" that the oppnents claim. So far the little one has no problem with feeding, and she does reject the pacifier when she's truly hungry (she ain't no fool :). Anyways, moderation it is! Thanks again.


Katharine - July 19

It was such a lifesaver for us. I will warn you, though, it was the hardest thing to break-MUCH harder than bottle or b___st. If #2 will take it, I will offer it if needed.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 19

Peacemaker for sure!!! My son used his for about 6 months, then gave it up on his own. My daughter on the other hand, is 3 and still takes one at bedtime. I've talked with our pediatrician and our dentist, both agree that there is no harm at this point. They said that 90% of all children give up the pacifier on their own around the age of 4. My daughter (unbeknownst to her) will be going cold turkey after the New Year. It's gonna be her New Years resolution. Sucking on a thumb is a whole different story. How in the world do you take away a finger? Pacifiers give the baby security, through sucking, and they are far easier to take away Neither of my kids had any problem switching between bottle, b___st, and pacifier. Most don't, especially after they've figured the whole b___stfeeding thing out. Almost all pacifiers are orthodontic pacifiers which are designed with your childs little growing mouth in mind. In my opinion, it's a peacemaker. You'll see. ;o)


christy - July 19

Both of my children took a pacifer. I had an awful time getting it away from my daughter. Looking back I should have taken it b/4 I took her bottle. My son on the other hand gave it up on his own at 6mths. I will give this next baby one if he'll take it. Good luck and congratulations!


monica - July 19

hi BBK...I think it depends on the child. My son refused it after 3 months and my niece refuse to leave it unitl she was 5 years old. Some kids leave it as soon as they start teething. I am kind of afraid of the pacifier with when my baby finally comes... I most likely will give it to him but hopefully he will drop it as easily as my first did.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 19

Seems to be a pattern here with boys and girls. Wonder why the boys are so willing to give up the pacifier on their own, and the girls aren't??? Interesting. BBK~ How's that baby doing? How about you and your wife? Life changing isn't it? :o)


E - July 19

Yeah, I can't wait to hear how different life is for BBK. It is funny, how you throw away all preconcieved notions regarding your child and what you will or will not do, when you are a new parent. Sometimes you have to go w/ the flow. It was so easy to point fingers b4 I became a mother, and now I think to myself, "how could I judge anyone?!" I do everything I always said I would never do:)


Wanda from NM - July 19

With my bottle-fed son, we didn't use a pacifier because he was a thumb sucker (we have ultrasound pics that prove he did this before birth) and it wasn't until he was 7 that he stopped. (after applying countless topical things, what finally worked was taking away the pillowcase he had from birth) With my b___st-fed daughter, I used a pacifier and that helped keep her off me when she just wanted to suck on something. It was really easy to get her off the pacifier, we just took it from her, before we took away her bottle. This baby, I will b___stfeed and use a pacifier again, it frees up your time just a little. Good luck to all of you.


BBK - July 19

Thank you all for your input. Monica, the clock is ticking for you too, but you already know the drill :) Tiffani and E, life is different in many ways..... I was too hyper to sleep in the first couple of days. Lisa needed lots of attention because of back pain. It's better now that Anna is almost a week old. Baby sleeps 4+ hours at a time and she has a routine. Sleep, diaper change, eat.... and repeat. She's getting 80% b___st milk, soon to be at 100%. She knows my voice already! When I pick her up and talk to her she stops crying and tries hard to see me. I bring her close because I know she can't see much now. Sometimes when I hold her I think I'm dreaming. I posted a picture thread. Take care!


MJM - July 19

Okay I feel yes on the Suckie (as we have always called it). However...... Not for a child above 1 year old. I hate seeing kids that are old enough to walk talk potty trained and everything else and they have a suckie hanging out of their mouth. My sister-in-law never seemed to like to take the suckies away from her 2 children. Her oldest had it until she was a little older than 2, her youngest still has his and will be 2 in Nov. My daughter did have one. It can be a life saver. I took hers away between3 and 4 months and she never fussed over it, it was a cake walk taking it from her. I never laid her in her crib with it either. I felt it was kind of like giving her a bottle while in the crib. Who knows if they dont have one could they start thumb sucking? I dont know. I know they need the extra sucking so I say YES use a suckie. Just be smart and start weening at about 3-4 months. I should not even say ween. I just woke up one day said no more sucking and never gave it to her. Like i said I had no probs with taking it away. If you only give it to them when they are in the car, or awake anywhere besides in bed the better off you are. Just my opinion


NOT FOR ME - July 19

HI I chose never to use a pacifier with my son. I worried about hygene and dependance. Also I have be told that using one may delay speech. The last thing you want to do is have to get up to your baby each time the pacifier falls out at night. Also you will need to have a neverending supply of back ups for when it gets lost. I also cring when I see an older child with one in there mouth. if you are going to use one stop it at 1 year old.



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