Pacifires Harming Palate And Teeth Development

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Skyfeather - June 5

At the hospital they gave my daughter a pacifire moments after her birth. She was premature and they said that giving a baby a pacifire will help her gain a strong sucking action. She sucks so hard on that thing that it leaves red marks on her face. She is now almost two months old and I finally switched her over to a regular paci instead of those hospital ones. (It was getting expensive replacing them everytime one was lost or the dog ate it.) I would like to wean her off of it before she turns five months and wonder if anyone has any good advice. I know that paci's can cause teeth displacement and can harm the development of there palate so I want to wean he before teeth start cutting. Any advice?


Granny gums - June 5

I used a pacifer when I was a wee ladie and now I only have three teeth. Take it away. Its for her own good.


Jbear - June 6

My daughter lost interest in the pacifier when she started teething (which was at about four months). We had the same experience with the hospital giving her the pacifier. The hospital pacifier we had was vanilla scented, and my husband and I knew so little about babies that we thought vanilla was just natural baby scent, and didn't realize it was the pacifier until she was out of the NICU.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 6

I have a 3 yr old that still takes a pacifier at bedtime, and a 1 1/2 yr old that gave his up at about 5 months. Our pediatrician says that they eventually loose interest in them before they can do harm. We were told at about 4 years, most kids have no interest in them at all, and this is well before any permanent teeth have arrived. We cut our daughter back to bedtime only pacifier at 2 yrs of age and it's worked well. Sucking a thumb is far worse. Get an orthodontic pacifier (Gerber "Nuk" brand for example) these are thought to be the best for babies developing mouth. As far as your newborn, that strong sucking action is such a comfort to her, and probably a bigger help to you than you realize. Sometimes a pacifier is all a screaming baby needs to help her relax. I remember all too well the red marks on the face of my babies. It's completely normal, and doesn't continue with that intensity past about 4 months. Hope this helps! :o)


Jodie - June 8

Both my kids used one and i took it off them at 18 months, they both have perfect teeth


sm - June 8

My oldest child had a pacifier, used to suck on it in bed before sleeping until she was five. Perfect teeth. My younger son refused pacifier and had to have 4 teeth removed at age 3 1/2 and numerous fillings (teeth started going bad very early). Sugars in b___stmilk... too much sucking... next set will be coming through soon, but i will go for a pacifier anyday. And i used Nuk pacifier too, flattish not round, sits nicely in mouth and doesn't push teeth.


sm - June 8

ps... tiffinni is correct, thumb sucking is NOT good, just try it...pushes front teeth forward, and you can eventually throw a pacifier away, also limit use, but getting rid of a thumb, that is hard!


P - June 8

FYI According to my doc, he said all pacifiers made these days are orthodontic whether they market that way or not.



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