Packing For The Hospital

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lolita - February 22

What are some things that should be packed in your hospital bag?


jas - February 23

Anything you want to help pa__s time. I would suggest slippers or/and shower shoes for after the baby is born - you will want a shower. Outfit for baby - when they go home - car seat... You don't really need to bring much for the baby as the hospital will provide what they need (diapers, wipes, formula if you choose that route, bottles, etc) ... Mainly things that will keep you occupied and comfortable...


Grewal - February 23

Good Luck..... Actually I dont know what to pack either cause this is my first time but I am here to Wish you good luck and pray to god that you will have healthy baby...


mary b - February 24

I packed a robe to wear and a night gown. Also some old underwear that I don't care if i get them bloody postpardom...i also packed some sour lolly pops cause they won't give you anything while in labor...i heard that sour is the way to helps when u are breathing through contractions cause your mouth gets really dry...i am bringing flip flops to wear around the hospital too..make sure to bring all the toiletries needed to shower and stuff...and a small mirror if u want to freshen up while still in bed.


whatisgoingon - February 24

Its a good question!! Was great you brought that up! I am interested in that also. I am not yet pregnant, but when I do conceive it will be for the first time. So I would have no clue what to pack for the hospital.. I guess as everyone has said so far is correct. Just whatever you need to feel comfortable, ie. robe/slippers/pillow/blanket/toiletries/magazines/music/snacks, etc. I dont think I would leave for the hospital without my pillow.. its amazing the lack of quality sleep you get without your own on hand!


whatisgoingon - February 24

Oh and comfy pj's!! I know hospitals can get a bit chilly so I would def be packing your fla___lette pj pants & tops.. or atleast a nice sweater to put over light pj's! :) .. I would have to bring a few cute little outfits for bub too, like booties/beanies/wrap blanket etc..too cute!


Rachel - February 26

I was kinda wondering, with my first in the hospital I wore a night gown. Did any of you guys get to wear capris/pj pants? I guess I'm just not a night gown kind of a girl lol


Gena - February 26

It's not really necessary to bring your own nightgowns. If you have a baby v____ally they come in and check you all night long while in labor, and aftewards they will continue to check you. They made me wear their gown so they had easy access to check my bleeding and swelling. You will regret taking extra things. I would def. take a robe to walk down hallways in, the slippers and shower shoes really are a good idea. One outfit for the baby to take her home is a good idea. For the rest of the time she will be in what they put her in b/c it's easier for the Dr. to check her and you won't be worried about what she's wearing b/c they will swaddle her up the whole time. Good luck


punkin01 - February 27

as gina said wear the hospital gowns because the will be checking you alot before and after and no panties....after the baby is born they have these one size fitall panties that me and hubby joking called birth control panties (because wearing those you wont get any ,if you know what i mean so they would be good BC) and you dont want to wear your own........robe slippers and an outfit to go home in something you wore at about 6-7 mos pregnant and going home outfit for baby and car seat and what ever shampoo and stuff like that you will need good luck



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