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Jae - May 13

hi ladies i have frequented this website for a while now & i would like your opinions... i am doing some research for uni on paedophiles living in the community after rehabilitation.... do you all as parents or guardians believe that child s_x offenders should be named & shamed? i know this is a pregnancy forum but where else is better to ask than where loving parents gather to talk...i appreciate all comments... thankyou


Lynn - May 13

Yes, I believe that they should be named & "shamed" as you put it. A convicted paedophile won't get the rehabilitation in prison while they are there & most don't bother to get rehab outside of prison because they see nothing wrong with what they have done or they don't think that they have a problem, they just have uncontrollable urges. I also think that what they were convicted of & the circ_mstances of the crimes should also be posted though.


Julie - May 13

I think they need to be locked up and throw away the key! Anyone who commits a crime against children shouldn't have rights. I also have done much research on the subject for school and there is no possible rehabilitation it just doesn't work. If you are interested check out the birth control method depo-provera it has been used to treat s_x offenders because it lowers their s_xual desire. In the studies I found it does seem to work. Good luck. Oh by the way I also check my local website to see who the s_x offenders are in my area so I know what to look for. My children cannot be replaced so yes I believe we have the right to know who these people are even though I don't think they should have freedom.


Heidi - May 13

Depends on the degree. In MN they only get listed to the public if they're like a level 1 or 2 offender. Otherwise just law enforcement gets informed.


Lissi - May 13

I agree with you Julie. They should be locked away and forgotten about. I don't think paedophiles are curable.


Eryn - May 13

I think they should be named and shame. I am working on a criminal justice degree and the some of the cases we've studied make me sick. It isan't something that can be cured or rehabilitated. I just found out a year ago that I have one living aross the street. My neighbors had to tell me. The laws in MN are to lose.


TO Julie - May 13

Julie - I chekc the website in my area & it seems list everyone that has had a s_xual offense, like statutory rape & even one guy on there I knew the situation & he was physically abusinve to his wife & he was liste don there too.. Does your website do this too or does it just list the child s_x offenders? I found out I had one living down the street too.. actually, he doesn't live there anymore, he rents it out & still gives that address to the county or state or whoever... scary!


anonymous - May 13

I have a niece that I love with every fiber of my being. When she was 8 years old, she was raped by her grandfather. My family was beyond distraught. Someone that she trusted and loved violated her in the worst way. She is doing much better after extensive counseling but lets face it, it will always be there. Charges were pressed and he spent less than a year in prison. I want everyone to know who he is and what he did. He put on an act of being a devout Catholic and upstanding citizen when he was really nothing more than sc_m. Sorry, this subject hit an open wound for me. Because we want to protect her, we kept it very private.


chel - May 13

Personally, I don't think they should ever be part of society ever again. They should be locked up forever, or sentenced to death. Look at all the murders recently that have been committed by "rehabilitated" pedophiles. It's sickening.


~kat~ - May 13

i think they should be locked up and throw away the key aswell as most re offend,and as this doesnt happen yes they should definetely be named and shamed!


??? - May 13

If they are going to let them out into society, they should at the very least cut off their arms, legs and any other offending limbs! I have no sympathy for these people. They should be wiped off the face of the earth!


Julie - May 13

On the website I go to it just says the charge it doesn't say if it was a child/adult it just says the charge but some say predator which means they prey after young children so lets let them out on the loose! Growing up there was this girl in my neighborhood who was kidnapped and after about a year they finally found her body and after several years they found out it was her grandfather he is in jail now I think for life. I don't think we can take any chances it is only a matter of time before they strike again!


monica - May 13

I agree they named and ashamed. Sometimes they were victims themselves as children.


Maddie - May 13

Oh yeah! Definately named and shamed. Think of what that poor child's life has to be like for the rest of their life because of some sickos disease! The child is SHAMED for's only right the offender be SHAMED as well.


jb - May 13

if you don't mind what websites are you going on to that are naming these people. Do you have to pay for the information?


toes to jb - May 13

JB, just google "pedophiles" and whatever state you're in. After reading this post I was wondering too, and that worked for me.


JJ - May 13

Yes, I do believe they should be hung out to dry for all to see and trough stones at. I am a victim of child molestation. You better believe I want them SHAMED for life. that *#&%@ @$&%*@ only got a year in prison.



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