Pain During Intercourse

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confused/scared - April 26

hi girls, i know that this isnt a question directly related to pregnancy, but i thought that i would ask anyways seeing as i was very nervous when this happened. the other day when my dh and i had s_x, ( we are currently ttc ) 2 times during i felt severe pain around my cervix, and then once more after we had finished, and then i had a sharp pain that moved from my uterus into my va___a...i am sorry that this is so graphic, the pain lasted for about 30-45 mins, and i am not sure why, has anyone ever experianced this before? when i was pregnant before, i noticed that around my cervix i was a little more sensative, but nothing to this extent, and i would think that it would be too early for me to tell if i was pregnant again by that, just curious, does anyone have any advice for me or possibly know what caused this...oh yeah, i have had a recent pap done when i went for my pre-pergnancy exam, and everything was STD's or abnormalities, so i can rule those things out...but am looking for other causes. thanks ladies and again sorry this is so graphic and long...i hope someone can help.


confused - April 26

anyone? i hope that no one thinks that i wrote this as a joke which i have seen on some forums, i am really very worried, as i feel like this could be serious...please help. thank you


Sandra - April 27

When we were ttc after my m/c intercourse was sometimes painful during and sometime after, very similar to what you are describing. It not last for more than 5-10 mins though. I never thought too much of it and did fall pg that cycle. If it's painful all the time you should consider your dr. Or try avoiding specific positions for a while if there seems to be a pattern.


Karen - April 27

There that could be a number of different things. Inculding gas. I have had those pains (although not after s_x) but they turned out to be extreme gas and lasted about 45 mins. I would check with a doc.! Good luck


Eve - April 27

that happened to me before i was pregnant, for some reason after s_x (only occa__sionaly) i would have pain in my cervix. My doc said it was completely normal and could have been caused by my boyfriend just being "too deep." i would definelty ask your doc, but don't worry i'm sure you're fine if you were just at the gyno.


confused/scared - April 27

thank you girls so much, i appreciate all of your input, and am happy to know that i am not the only one who has had this before. good luck to all of you!



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