Pain In My Abdomin Hmm I Think I Spelled That Wrong

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Tigerphoenix - May 20

I've been having a constant pain in my pelvic region around where the baby is. Its kind of like when you do alot of lifting and you are soar the next day. Like maybe you pulled something. I think its just growing pains but man! is it annoying. lol Oh and has anyone had this problem? When I cough it hurts like h__l down there. Is that normal????


Karen - May 20

How far along are you ? Cause I had the same pain a couple of days ago. Doc a__sured me it was normal. Yea I had the coughing thing too. It was not constant I glad to hear someelse with this I am not worried anymore, !!! Thanks


nonk - May 21

I am not sure if that is normal. But I also started to have this problem few hours ago. It hurts when I cough or bend down. Maybe our ligament just stretching or something. At least I know I am not the only one now. Hope everything is alrite with our pregnancy.


nelly - May 21

i have just started having these horrible pains in the top of my v____a and in the pelvic area and i noticed it more when i was walking more and trying to clean a little nothing excessive just opening a drawer would send these pains shooting through me down there and it was awful and i kept thinking the baby dropped and the head is in place and at my next appointment indeed the babys head was in place and he said all the stabbing and tearing pains were normal but i am 31 weeks. good luck with everyone


Kaz - May 21

I had this pulling pain thing going on at like 8 wks or so then maybe again at 12 wks. Went on for a while, it was low and to the sides, I was told that it's just the ligaments stretching. Now at 38 wks I get this feeling like someone has put deep heat on the very top of my belly, sort of where my b___bs have ended up.


Kaz - May 21

Oh yeah, that pulling pain would happen when I coughed. I just remembered that. You felt like you had to hold your abdomin in place before you let yourself cough.


great - May 21

when i bend over my stomach tightens up . just like you ladies described . i thought something was wrong with me . good to know im not the only one


Tigerphoenix - May 23

Im 18 weeks preg. and I have a feeling its just the growing pains. Im gonna ask my doctor when I go today for my ultrasound.


Beth S. - May 23

its normal i asked my doc cuz the same thing happens to me all the time. i could cough or laugh too hard and pull muscles. all the time



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