Pain In The Ribs

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Billie - March 15

I have been having a lot of pain in my ribs. I feel like I got punched or something. Is this pain normal and will it get worse? Also, when ya'll go to sleep, do you ever feel bad because you think your laying on the baby's head? Last night I felt my baby kicking (or punching) the side that I was sleeping on and I felt horrible. I felt like I was swishing his head and he didn't like it. Am I just weird?


leslie - March 15

I am only 11 weeks so I don't have this problem. I do get concerned when I sleep facing down...I have heard that the best way to sleep when you are pregnant is to the left becaue you let blood circulate properly..I am going to ask my midwife just to make sure..and I think his kicking has nothing to do with you squishing him. Don't worry!


jocelyn - March 15

If you are just beginning to feel the baby kick in bed, get ready. My ribs ached so much my husband couldn't hug me. The only thing that works for me, is at night place a thin pillow under your bump, it helps relieve some of the pressure. It is true that the best side to sleep on is your left to improve blood circulation. Hopefully this will help a bit.


Billie - March 15

I sleep on my left side most of the time. I have a pillow in between my legs and under my belly but I wake up to some kicking and I imagine him yelling at me saying "MOMMMMMM" and then trying to move so he'll have more room. That's it... I am weird!!!! lol


desiree - March 15

it is good to sleep on your left side, however its not possible to constantly stay in that position. it is recommended to sleep however makes you comfortable. if your still not showing and are able to lay on your tummy, take advantage because its not going to last long!! as far as the pain in the ribs go, as the baby grows he/she has her feet up under your ribs, and is kickin away. my little girl always moves when i lay on my side..she elbows me all the time. its amazing to know that there really is somebody in there!



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