Pain Meds Dependancy And Pregnant Help

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babyofmine - November 23

I have been blessed to find this site and have been searching for days for anything related to chronic pain issues and pain meds during pregnancy. Everyone here seems very compassionate and helpful so I hope I am not looked down apon... I am looking for thoughts and advice of a positive nature. My situation is this.... I am a 32 year old Mother of a 41/2 year old and currently 4 weeks pregnant(SURPRIZE)!!! I am thrilled to be blessed with a chance to bring another life into our family, but scared to death that I am doing much damage to my unborn baby. I have been taking Hydrocodone 10mgs for over 3 years. I was originally prescribed this for migraines (about 10-12 a month) and then i had an accident and fell which just continued the use. I have pain daily but I know in my heart that I am taking more pain meds than i actually need. I have tried to wean down in the past and felt horrible. Know ing I have a baby growing inside me makes this task of weaning a MUST but everything i have read says to do it slowly . I know that God brought this baby in my life for a reason so I try to hold on to the belief that everything will be okay, My pain managment doctor will not prescribe to me while pregnant and I am embarrassed to tell my OB how much I have been taking. I have no doubt i can wean off for the pregnancy but I will need enough meds to do this safely. I do not want to raise any red flags and have medical people overcautiously watching my baby.... possibly taking it away from me. I never expected this to happen. I am a stay at home totally devoted Mommy. I desperatley love my child and I can not imagine someone taking my kids away. I am really hoping someone can relate and give me some guidance. I would rather not tell my OB, my first app. is TUESDAY. ANY THOUGHTS???? GODSPEED TO ALL OF YOU MOMMIES and hope to be MOMMIES!! ~S~


MelissaP - November 23

I know you are embarrased to tell your OB doctor, but it really is the only option. He/she can help you with your dependency throughout your pregnancy and try to make things safe for your baby. Dependency happens to alot of people, so you are not alone. I am sure your doctor will be grateful that you brought this important information to their attention....then he/she will be able to hel make the best medical decisions for you and your child. Good luck with everything and stay positive


sarah21 - November 24

Melissa is right-- you need to be totally honest with your OB. If you are honest up front, things will go better for you. God blesses honesty and humility. I know it's hard-- it was hard for me to just be honest about my terrible eating habits with my OB. Just get it out in the open and I'm sure they can offer you help to get you past this difficult time and also can help you with what damage could be done. Perhaps knowing what could happen will give you the extra motivation you need in order to make a good life for you and your baby. Good luck!



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