Pain On My Lower Right Side

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denimbutterfly - February 16

I have a constant pain on my right side near my pelvic area. Has anyone ever had this? I think it could be a cyst or something?


kimberly - February 16

Yes, I have suffered from pain like this. Are you pregnant? My Dr. told me it could be a corpus luteum cyst and they usually go away by the 12th week. Which I guess mine did b/c I no longer have the pain and I am 12 weeks and 4 days today.


TucsonHelpful - February 16

I JUST had the same pains about two weeks ago and went to the doctor about it. I have had ovarian cysts before and it felt just like a cyst pain (kind of constant, sometimes sharp, and in the lower right side of the pelvic region). She did a urine pregnancy test (which would have been way too early for it to be positive anyway) and then an exam, and she said she did not feel any cysts at all (and she was, unfortunately, pushing really hard on the ole ovaries). My friend has had the same pain before also and docs told her it was probably a cyst, and turns out she was pregnant, so I am hoping for the best!!! I would get an exam, though, because, cysts are really common and, from what I hear, the pain from a cyst and a pregnancy cramp are just alike.


TucsonHelpful - February 16

P.S. When you do get an exam, go to someone at a OB/GYN center or to your regular gyno or something. I am in grad school and just ran over to the University's women's health center because I had a lot going on and they could get me in right, and I wish now I had gone to my regular doctor because the lady seemed a little ignorant - Good Fortune


denimb__terfly - February 16

I am 9 weeks pregnant and at first was scared something was wrong with the baby, but I can feel where the baby is (or should be- feels firm so I think that's what I'm feeling) and the pain is to the right of the baby. I have a doc appointment Wednesday so hopefully I can find out what is going on.



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