Painful Braxton Hicks

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Tanya - March 4

h__lo ladies. Just a qiuck question. oneo f the moms and my sons daycare is 6 to 61/2 mths pregnant. Now i remember braxton hicks when i was pg, but she was having them today to the point where she had to stop doing what she was doing to breath. So the worrier that i am was just wondering if they are suppose to be that painful. for the life of me i cannt remember. thanks


bump - March 5



Misty - March 5

I never had baxto hicks contractions with my pregnancy-the doctor induced. But at only 6 to 6 1/2 months pregnant it would worry me to have them that strong. If they aren't close together I am pretty sure that she is O.K., but if you are close enough to her to be able to tell her that she might want to call her doctor then I would.


becca - March 5

ive had braxton since about 20-22 weeks and they are really bad i was in hospital for them coz they thaught i could be in labour i ahve to stop what im doing when i get them which is now ever 15-30 mins every day im 40 weeks so i no i wont have them for much longer buts its really painful


Carly - May 24

I am 24 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had to stop what I was doing because i was in so much pain, my tummy felt really tight and it was a painful cramping feeling! It only lasted for about 30 mins and I haven’t had any more pains since. I’ve been told Braxton hicks aren’t suppose to be painful especially as early as I am so I am a bit worried especially because at 21 weeks I was bleeding heavily for 2 days with no pain but the ultrasound showed that everything was ok,.Does anyone know if this is normal?


Katharine - May 24

I have had a few episodes of BH that were painful enough to stop what I was doing at 30 wks. Saw the nurse pract_tioner today and she wasn't concerned.


summer24 - September 12

I am 7 months and get them all the time and they hurt very bad


Erin - September 12

Some people's threshold for pain is higher than others, so they can't REALLY go by how bad they hurt. I was having issues with Braxton Hicks starting at 20 weeks and was hospitalized with pre-term contractions at 28 weeks and was put on Terbutaline to keep them from causing any dilation. I would have them every once in a while where they would have me doubled over in pain. My nurse told me that because of my "irritable uterus", I'd basically just have to deal with them, but to call if they were causing me to double over every ten minutes or less. That being said, if your fellow day care mommy is concerned, she should call her OB, but that's not something you can do for her. I wish her well!!!


Lacey - September 12

I stop and breathe through mine just because it makes them easier. My last baby I delivered naturally so I know how bad it CAN hurt... I just find that even though they only hurt a bit, it makes them less unpleasant if I stop and breathe it out. Plus its good practice... ;)


geri - September 12

wow..mine were never that painful...just feels like a tightening or a twisting...not like the period cramps that come when you first start labor...that seems pretty intense..i would tell her to make sure she tells her dr but i don't think she needs to rush to the hospital or anything unless there is bleeding


C - September 13

I have BH contractions but they are more uncomfortable than anythig else.My doctor told me to rest and drink plenty of water. He really wasn't that concerned.


ca__sie - September 13

Everyone hear says that their doctors werent concerened..Mine is. Im 26 weeks,and she is sending me to a high risk pregnancy doctor 100 miles away from home and put me on bedrest and meds until she thinks its safe to deliver..


....... - September 13

there is a difference between braxton hicks and false labour contractions. My doc told me the difference is that braxton hicks is the tightening of the muscles to prepare you for labour, and brax hicks are usually painless. False labour contractions will be cramps in the lower abdominal area and will usually have no rhythm..and true labour contractions start at the top of your belly and the pain goes downwards to your lower belly, and they will have some kind of rhythm. Let your friend know.



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